Wild Wandering

Otways and Grampians, Victoria

We left with the windows down, and the wilderness inside. 

Driving our Kombi ‘Apple Jack’ deep into the Otways, we were greeted with an icy breeze, fog so thick we couldn’t see the tips of our fingers when we reached out and low hanging clouds that crawled between the peaks of the pine forests. 

The rain became heavy and chills ran through our bodies, as we stood in awe of the beauty that this earth holds. We were already swimming in euphoria, and it had only been a few hours. 

We found shelter between the pine trees and parked our home deep inside. The entirety of our bodies were damp, and filled with constant shivering but as we crawled under the warmth of our blankets, watching the blackness of night and the fog consume our surroundings, Ryan and I both agreed we had never been happier. 

As the sun woke, so did we. Still half asleep, we danced with giants in the Californian Redwoods and stood in silence as we looked up, humbled by the power of nature. Soothed by the crisp air we inhaled with each breath. 

With bliss racing through our veins, we headed up north to chase waterfalls, mountains and dangle our limbs off cliff edges in the Grampians. 

We arrived sweet and early to Mckenzie falls with not a single human in sight, and found that the track had been closed off because of all the recent rain, deeming it too dangerous to hike. Ryan and I looked at one another with a smile, because we knew. If we are to live richly and taste the fullness of life, some rules will have to be broken. The fence was jumped and the most serene and otherworldly path was walked. The entire trail, the gushing falls and the rivers snaking between the mountains were ours to immerse ourselves and get lost in completely, without a single other human for miles. We stepped out of man kind, bathed under the falls, drank from the rivers stream and foraged berries to nibble on. We stepped into our truest selves, the selves we all have inside of us that are drowned by societal pressures and expectations. We stepped into simplicity, returning back to our roots.  

As dusk settled in, we headed towards the mountains for the last glow that paints the peaks and washes everything in sorbet hues. Both of our eyes were locked on the horizon and our hands were held on our hearts. The last sun rays kissed the valleys below in warmth and stole the breath from our lungs as we stood on the edge of the cliffs. Silence radiated and we were left with wordless wonder and swollen hearts. 

We left pieces of ourselves in these places.  

On top of the mountain peaks of the Grampians, the lush rainforests in the Otways, between the last sun rays and inside the stars. 

We returned with fullness in our hearts, and the passion of life racing through our veins.

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