The Den of the Treehouse

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In the Byron Bay Hinterland, 20 minutes from the beach & Byron, wake up ON TOP OF A JUNGLE MOUNTAIN RAINFOREST HIDEAWAY to the sunrise & views over the valley & the Pacific Ocean in the comfort of the Bay Room in the Den. Remember this is a wilderness experience and NOT the place to base yourself for a bit of social galavanting in town. This is a very unique & the ultimate mountain top jungle fantasy!

Treehouse in the Pocket, Kinabalu Farm

Our home, Kinabalu (Farm), is managed as Private Conservation Park and income I earn from this help us look after this very special place not to mention repair & regenerate the Gondwana rainforest here at Kinabalu. We want to share this with you.

Please read ALL the listing details.


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Features and Amenities

1 bedroom
2 beds
1 bathroom


  • Check in after 02:00pm
    Check out before 11:00am
  • Weekday minimum booking: 1 night
    Weekend minimum booking: 2 nights
Cancellation Policy: 

Receive a 50% refund of the total booking amount (minus service fee) up until 1 week prior to check-in.

STRA Registration: PID-STRA-29649

Additional Information

Get picked up in our all-terrain vehicle from the pick-up point & car park nearby at the bottom of the mountain and get taken on a jungle Safari through giant forests to the top of the mountain half an hour from Byron Bay. 4WD access is absolutely required as *it is a 3.3kms* ride from the Car Park nearby to reach the pinnacle of this most unique wilderness area. There are no extra costs to you on arrival and departure for this service.

Please bear in mind this is a nature based experience and not a practical location to party in Byron Bay town. As stated, if you wish to party in town, I suggest it's best to stay in town! However if you have a suitable 4x4 you are free to come and go.

"The Treehouse" has been a name that friends began to call it & it has stuck. :) it’s probable best described as a dwelling in the trees.

The abode of peace & tranquility.

Surrounded by a Rainforest Sanctuary & Nature Reserve, you have absolute privacy and one of the most extraordinary locations of the area and in Australia.

This is a (nature) lovers retreat with pristine walks into old growth forest so make sure you bring your walking shoes!

Kinabalu is managed as a Private Conservation Park where the main focus is repair and regeneration of the rainforest. By staying here you help support us with our endeavour to preserve and enhance the rainforests of Kinabalu, Inner Pocket.

The Den is a small cosy self- contained room, with Kitchenette, anteroom & toilet facilities with a view that is *absolutely breathtaking*.

Wireless broadband Internet is provided & an awesome 5 channel sound system. An Apple TV is also provided for you pleasure.

A much-loved feature of the den is the outdoor shower where you can take in the breathtaking surrounds while you are pampered by fresh (heated) rainwater!!

A second bed is provided in the form of cushions arranged as a mattress together with a doona & pillows.

A serious 4 wheel drive is absolutely necessary to reach the 'Treehouse' as the road is *very rough* and *steep* in parts, so transport arriving to & final departure from the Treehouse is provided from the pick up & point & car park. This service is *by arrangement,* and is included when you pay so there are no additional costs to you.

So, I say again, if you intend to come to Byron just to savour the cosmopolitan atmosphere, you should stay in Byron Bay town.

However, in saying that, transport to & from can be provided from Byron Bay or the airport if you wish for a fee, *$75 from Byron Bay or the airport*.

This is both a lover's & NATURE LOVERS RETREAT.

Please bear in mind that being off the grid, renovating this home has been challenging due to its location and difficult mountainous access. As a result of much labour, you get one of the most extraordinary locations in Australia.

Food is provided for a hearty breakfast that includes muesli cereal, & a selection of fruits. An assortment of condiments is also provided.

It has been quite an achievement to build this over the last 7 years . . now focused on the garden - still plenty to do!

Come and plant some herbs if you have a green thumb!

Please look also at our new listing called the 'Treepod in the Pocket', when not in use by family & friends it is available. It has an added advantage of being completely independent and very private, not to mention includes SAT TV.

See you at the Treehouse!. A very unusual and special experience.


First of all being totally surrounded by the Nature Reserve you will have access to walks in old growth forest, walks to the waterfall & depending on your level of fitness a cornucopia of natures gifts. You will have exclusive use of the den, however, you will generally have the run of the garden & household.


Cooking facilities are provided by two gas stove tops, a grill, microwave & toaster. Basic condiments provided i.e. Olive oil, butter, salt pepper. Tomato sauce sometimes more. :)

Please note that you have only exclusive use of the Den. There is an entertainment facility in the room that includes Apple TV & a wide selection of documentaries & movies.

Also be aware this is a Rainforest Jungle home built on top of a mountain in the middle of totally wild nature.

*Please note, you enter this wonderful natural reality AT YOUR OWN RISK*. There are no concrete or proper pathways with railings just natural walking tracks.

Please be prepared with the appropriate attire, good walking shoes, bring a torch, wet weather gear & make sure *you are fit enough* to negotiate this wild pristine natural environment.




  • Base Price $295 / night
  • Cleaning Fee $20
  • Extra People $25 / night after 2 people
  • Discounts 
    15% discount for bookings of 2 nights or longer

    20% discount for bookings of 7 nights or longer

    30% discount for bookings of 14 nights or longer

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The Pocket
The 'Treehouse' of Kinabalu, Inner Pocket, is a very special & unique location. Welcome to one of the most spectacular views of the Shire. 'Kinabalu'of Inner Pocket is primarily managed as a Private Conservation Park with a human touch.
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        $295per night