Cliff Camping

in Mt Buffalo , Victoria, AU


Unleashed-Unlimited Beyond the Edge is Australia's first and the world's highest commercial portaledge cliff camping experience. This unique experience includes a thrilling overnight stay on a portaledge suspended on a vertical cliff face hundreds of metres above the ground in the stunning Mt Buffalo gorge.



After a thorough training session you will abseil down to your portaledge, perched high on the majestic cliffs of the North Wall of Mt Buffalo gorge. From this spectacular location you can absorb the breathtaking views whilst you enjoy your dinner and settle in for an unforgettable night sleeping on the wall. Dawn will further reveal the beauty of this incredible environment, as you wake to enjoy your breakfast and marvel at your amazing surroundings.

Following breakfast you have the choice of either ascending to the cliff top or, for those thirsting for more adventure, completing 'The Descent' to the valley floor. At around 300m, this exposed and exciting abseil is ranked amongst the highest in the world.

Mt Buffalo National Park, Victoria, Australia (approximately 3.5 hours from Melbourne)
Duration: Overnight (approximately 24 hours)

Instruction and supervision from two expert guides. A comprehensive training session, including multiple abseils and cliff ascents as required. Dinner and breakfast included. Equipment provided as required.

$699 per person (rates based on two person booking).
Extras: 'The Descent', one of the world's highest commercial abseils, $450 per person.

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Spending a night on a portaledge requires courage and mental fortitude, but it is an amazing adventure and an experience like no other. Once completed, you can justifiably feel proud of having participated in an activity that has been shared by very few people in the world. The Beyond the Edge experience will undoubtedly provide an enormous sense of achievement and memories that will last a lifetime.



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