Off Grid Tiny House

in Castlemaine, Victoria, AU


This tiny house on wheels is tucked in at the base of a sloping garden overlooking an historic railway line. A beautiful private setting with a country feel allows visitors to relax and experience an alternative way of living. It's a pleasant 30 minute walk along Campbell's Creek to Castlemaine where you'll find the shops and friendly folk.

What's special about our tiny house is that was designed and built by Fred Schultz of Fred's Tiny Houses as the prototype off-the grid tiny house built for an Australian climate. If you have an interest in tiny houses and a spirit of adventure about living off-the grid, you’ll love this tiny house's unique features.




- Sleeps 2 people
- A modern composting toilet
- Methylated spirits stove/oven
- Gravity-fed hot water in a Japanese style bathtub
- Handmade wood heater with wetback & passive solar hot water designed right in

Enjoy a cuppa tea under the veranda awning and wave to the passengers on the historic steam train as it passes by.


Staying in a tiny house on wheels is it's own adventure and staying in an off-grid version is even more out of the ordinary. So expect to experience using unconventional appliances (fridge, stove, toilet, bath & heater), a ladder to get into the sleeping loft and all the clever transformable space you might expect in a tiny house on wheels.


Please be aware that this is an off-grid tiny house, so there are aspects of living here that require your careful attention for your safety, ease and comfort. We will give instruction on each of the following key features, so please come with a spirit of openness and learning. Before booking please review the following aspects of living in this tiny house to determine for yourself if this is the right place for you.

1.) There is ladder to the main loft. You need to possess a level of physical fitness and agility to climb and descend a ladder safely. Knowledge of the safe use of ladders is needed.

2.) There is quite a deep Japanese style bathtub, which means you will need to step in and out of it and possessing a fair degree of physical agility and upper body strength.

3.) Hot water in the bath is gravity-fed by design, which means that there is low water pressure. We recommend using the bath tap as a "shower" by sitting down and letting the warm water run over you.

4.) The hot water system is a passive solar design, which means that it is heated by the sun in summer and the wood heater in winter. Temperatures can vary from hot to tepid depending on a number of factors including sunlight and length of time running the fire.

5.) Heating is with a wood heater. Knowledge & safe use of a fireplace is essential.

6.) A modern composting toilet (Airhead) takes a little getting used to, but we'll give you instruction. Blokes, no standing to use this toilet, only sitting.

7.) Cooking is done on an alcohol stove/oven that uses methylated spirits. The flame is blue and completely silent so care with turning it off is needed.

PRICES from $120-$150/night
Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights only

Adventure Details

The Goldfields Track
- Hiking
- Mountain Bike Riding





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