All Shacked up

This cosy shack tucked away in Kyneton left us feeling completely enraptured after spending the long weekend under its charm. When we could finally pull ourselves away from our own slice of heaven, we made our way into Daylesford where we rummaged through the Sunday Markets and The Mill. We cooled ourselves down in Jubilee Lake and ended it perfectly by stopping through Lavandula, parading through their luscious gardens of lavender and having a bite to eat before heading home....

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Where We Stayed


Shearers Shack

The Shearer’s Shack offered a private retreat located on many acres of land, filled with an abundance of gardens to explore and animals to admire. You may just find that you’ll have a hard time tearing yourself away from this special little paradise, we certainly did....

Shearers Shack

in Kyneton, VIC
per night
5 guests

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Things We Did

  • Farm
  • Lake
  • Food & Drink
  • Event
Susan, the lovely owner of Bringalbit, explained the history of the property and answered the many questions we had. She took us through the gardens and to meet her Highland Cattle, where we got to feed and admire them from up close....
Jubilee Lake
Only a short drive from the heart of Daylesford, we met with some girlfriends to go for a swim and help us cool down on the feisty hot summers day....
The sweetest Swiss Italian Farm bursting full of lavender and many other beautiful gardens to explore. Inside Lavandula, Cafe La Trattoria offered the most appetising menu reminding us of Europe, filled with pasta, pizza and lavender lemonade. We had to try a little bit of everything!...
Daylesford Sunday Market
We explored the Sunday Market at the Railway Station, filled with many handmade, organic and vintage goods the town of Daylesford had to offer....

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