The Off-Grid Castle

Just over half an hour north of Bairnsdale in the East Gippsland region sits the remote town of Waterholes. With the Nicholson River flowing through and dry eucalypt bushland surrounding the gravel roads, this wild area is the perfect setting for a self-reliant stay....

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Where We Stayed


Waterholes Retreat

This white-stone house immediately oozes vintage charm when you step through the door, with an old combustion stove against the blue walls and rustic ornaments. With no power and limited water, be prepared for self-sufficiency. Cooking can be done on the combustion stove/oven, which will heat up your water at the same time, or can be done on the gas stove at the other end of the kitchen. We recommend bringing portable phone chargers, drinking water and an esky for spoilable foods. Stock up in Bairnsdale before you head north for your off-grid adventure and enjoy the connections you make with friends and family when disconnected from the world....

Waterholes Retreat

in Waterholes, VIC
per night
8 guests
Pet Friendly

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Where we stayed
Things we did

Things We Did

  • Swim
  • Walk
A quiet little spot on the Nicholson River where you can swim in the clear, pebbly-bottomed water, build rock cairns or even go fishing....
Bush Walking
The surrounding bush is full of wallabies, grey kangaroos, wombats, echidnas, and birds and lizards of all shapes and sizes. Starting from the house you can walk down to the river or through the bush to explore the natural beauty...
The Bruthen Blues & Arts Festival
Only half an hour from the house is the town of Bruthen which hosts a town-wide Blues and Arts festival on the third weekend of February each year. With a street stage, market and food stalls and special performances at the pubs and cafes, there’s loads to see and do for the whole family....

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