Roadtrip with Bernie

At a casual dinner and drinks with a few friends in Melbourne, the discussion came up about Blues Fest 2019. Then and there the six of us bought tickets to the festival and a road trip was agreed. Only one problem I thought to myself….The two other couples had vans and we didn’t!

I opened up Riparide and found “Bernie the camper”. Being a 1987 Hiace I did have my concerns, purely because of the distance we had to cover to get to Byron (over 1600kms). But Bernie held his own on the road and I really enjoyed his character and the quirks you get with a van this old and with so much character. Let's just say he’s a head turner!

We made it to our house in Byron in less than two days and we prepared for the 5-day festival ahead. After the festival, we planned to travel a couple of hours a day traveling down the East Coast.

Bernie had everything we needed, we would just pull up to where we were staying for the night and pop the top and he was done! Having a fridge whilst camping is a massive luxury, but we also had a cooktop so on the colder nights we could cook standing up in the van.

Things We Did

  • Swim
  • Forest
Crowdy Head
We stopped for a peaceful swim in the beautiful Crowdy Head. A vast expanse of unspoilt coastline....
Swimming at Kiama Beach
We explored the beautiful beaches of Kiama....
Crowdy Bay National Park
We set off on a forest walking track to explore the lush rainforest and woods of Crowdy Bay National Park....

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