Hee Haw In The Hills

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Working unconventional hours means unconventional adventure time! It was a Monday morning when we packed up our trusty automobile with clothes, snacks and camera gear and hit the road. Terip Terip is a farm laden area spotted with sleepy country towns like Euroa and Yarck. The kind of towns with a pub and post office and a few friendly faces to brighten your day. This Riparide adventure would err more on the side of leisurely drives and warm firelight rather than day long hikes and mountainous views....

Things We Did

  • Waterfall
  • Farm
  • Food & Drink
Relaxing at Gooram Falls
The Falls turned out to be a lovely spot to spend an afternoon, the sun shone brightly giving us a lovely reprieve from the wet Melbourne days we’d been recently subjected too. Gooram isn’t a large waterfall and it’s easy to walk around the rocky creek area....
Making friends with donkeys
Of course we love our animals and the resident donkeys were the initial reason we’d chosen the Hee Haw Hut as our destination. They are gentle creatures that love a scratch behind the ear and John was happy to give us a little tour and run down of the care and customs that come with looking after and breeding donkeys....
A bite to eat at The Weekend Local
We didn’t know much about the area we were visiting for this trip so we opted to visit Euroa for lunch before heading out to explore on Tuesday. The Weekend Local, (that's the name) provided us with a hearty soup, some great coffee and a sandwich to keep us going for the rest of the day....

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