The Sunny Hills Getaway

Sunny Hills Farm is the ideal getaway for escaping the city! Nestled between farmland, tucked away in the town of Conjola, this modern, rustic home provides the utmost privacy for a serene retreat. Just a stone’s throw away, the nearby lake is a wonderful spot for swimming and other water activities, or to simply take in the natural beauty of the view.
The neat and tidy property is well-maintained, inside and out, to ensure comfortable, relaxed living. Fifteen minutes down the road is the beautiful, secluded town of Milton where there are plenty of local cafes to choose from.
Further south of the countryside, you can find another similar, quaint town called Ulladulla. Both of these spots offer a great rural feel in addition to inviting cafes and restaurants. Thirty minutes from Sunny Hills is stunning Mollymook Beach where you can enjoy the stunning blue waters and shocking cliff edges. For an unforgettable trip, Sunny Hills Farm is the perfect location to experience all of these marvellous sites!

Things We Did

  • Food & Drink
  • Sunrise
  • Kayak
  • Sunset
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    Flour Water Salt Bakery was a highlight for breakfast. With many cafes to choose from in the Milton area, the Flour Water Salt Bakery offered us great food, vegetarian and vegan options, and a great price....
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      A 30-minute drive south, you can find Mollymook Beach. This is where we planned to watch the sun come up and it was well worth the early start. We arrived at the lookout on Cliff Avenue and watched the sun come up and out of the horizon....
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        As the lake is on the property, they provide kayaks for use. It is a great lake to cruise around in and we spent about an hour going down the lake. The peaceful surroundings make this an awesome activity to knock over whilst you are taking it easy....
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          As the property has a large deck looking over the lake to the west, the sun is setting at the perfect spot. The reflections from the lake make it an incredible place to watch the sun go down and end the day....

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