Family Retreat at The Otways

The Otways is one of the most vivid and complex environments I could explore in Australia and I'm always ready for a road trip down from Melbourne. The best time to enjoy hiking into the forest and beach time at the Great Ocean Road is during spring and summer, of course, the Long Tide Retreat can keep you warm during cold days, but that's another history for another adventure.

This was our first family trip after our daughter was born and those memories will never be away from us. Thanks to the hosts Dale and Jackie and all they have done with this place. The cabin was built on a hill with a perfect view of the beach and we enjoyed the best sunset in the area. If you're like us and love a rustic cabin, outdoor activities and need a break from the city, the Long Tide Retreat will fill your expectation.

Things We Did

  • Hike
  • Beach
  • Walk
Hiking with our little one
Lake Elizabeth has such a beautiful hike, the main one is friendly and there are two tough options for those who need it!...
We gotta enjoy summer!
After months of winter, we could finally enjoy the sunny days......
Redwood walk
A unique walk in the Redwoods!...

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