Where The Forrest meets The Sea

There’s something dreamy about living a simple life in a boathouse, secluded in a bay, where the forest meets the sea. A place where you have all the supplies you need to be offline for a while and in a place where you can set your creative spirit free.

Morning Bay Boat Shed brings this idyllic scene to life for its guests to test the waters. Nestled within the Ku-Ring-Gai National Park, the boatshed is unsurprisingly boat access only, but you’re encouraged to roam the national park’s various walking tracks and secluded beaches. Here there’s a community so serene that wallabies and echidnas call it home.

The adventures don’t stop there though - for those keen, you’ve got plenty of water activities to keep you busy in and around the bay like kayaking around the coves, fishing off the jetty or swimming in the bay of the front yard. You’ll never tired of the sounds of water lapping against the shore or the birds in the trees whistling along.

When it comes time to recline, you can fall asleep under the moon which lights up the cove and be hypnotised by the current moving across the bay.

Things We Did

  • Hike
  • Kayak
  • Walk
Willunga Track
A 2.5 hour return trip to the highest point of Ku-Ring-Gai National Park with beautiful elevated views....
Kayaking in Pittwater
Take to the water to explore the secret beaches....
Morning Bay Lookout
A vantage point of the whole bay and a great picnic spot....

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