First days of Summer

An outdoor hot tub with hill views, a private beach along the river, peacocks on the roof, fresh fruit and freshly baked sourdough straight out of the oven for breakfast. Bag End is one of those places where you wish you could stay more than just a couple of days and it was the best spot to spend our first days of Summer!

The host, Josh, definitely knows how to make guests feel welcome. He gave us the tour of the property, over 100 acres of goodness, and baked us sourdough to take down the river, so good we forgot to take a photo and actually finished it before we even made it down to the private beach (reachable with a quick drive through the property’s paddocks).
After chilling here on the hammock in the afternoon, we returned to the cottage for a dip in the hot tub, play some music, and pick some fresh eggs for next day’s breakfast.

We spent our second day driving around East Gippsland and swimming at two famous spots in this part of Victoria, Red Bluff beach in Lake Tyers and Paradise Beach, one of the many sandy stretches part of Ninety Mile Beach.

There is a lot to explore around this area of Victoria, but you’ll really want to spend most of your time at Bag End.

Things We Did

  • Beach
  • River
  • Swim
  • Food & Drink
Surf at Red Bluff Beach
A beautiful and quiet beach 30 mins away from the property. Great for surfing or chilling in the sun. This beach is one of a few that allow dogs (on lead) in East Gippsland. If you are interested in bird watching, you can also do a little walk called Lakes Tyer's top cliff walk that starts from the car park before heading down to the beach....
Afternoon on a private river beach
Follow Josh's (your host) directions through the property's paddocks and reach a tiny private beach along the river. Chill on the hammock, read a book, go for a swim or have a picnic. Josh baked fresh sourdough so we could take it to the river but it was so good we ate before we even got there....
Swim at Paradise Beach
One of the beaches that are part of the famous sandy stretch of Ninety Mile Beach that is also dog-friendly. Perfect spot to swim if you are travelling with your pets....
Windmill Pizza
Quick drive from the property. Have your pizza there or take it away!...

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