Embracing Summer

We were less than a month into the new year, but figured we’d already been working hard enough and deserved a little holiday. So Wednesday morning, we stepped away from all adult responsibilities and snuck off for a little mid-week escape.

As we got further and further out of Melbourne, the roads got less crowded, the air got fresher, and thoughts of phone reception and emails disappeared. Danny, the owner, met us at the gate and showed us around the place. He proudly told us that the cabin was the first property built at Warracknabeal in 1855. Entering the cabin, it felt like stepping back in time. It’s perched about 10 minutes out of town but feels much further away surrounded by classic Aussie bush and sunburnt paddocks.

Danny had thought of everything, and the cooling was running, a wine on the table and a fridge stocked with the basics to get us through the next few days. Our first priority was to test the two outdoor baths. They don’t have hot water hooked up, but as the weather was warm, they were the perfect temperature to cool off in and crack a bottle of red. As the evening slipped by, we called it a night and sank into the delightful soft bed.

Wanting to make the most of our little getaway, the next morning, we got up at the crack of dawn and set our sights on the Grampians. Only an hour away from the cabin, we arrived just before sunrise and watched the first light hit the hills from the Balconies at the top of the Grampians. It didn’t take long to heat up though, and by mid-morning, we were thankful to be soaking up the freshwater at the Venus Baths. Luckily enough, the pools have water running to them all year round so even in summer you can make the most of the refreshing pools.

After a late lunch at Halls Gap, we started making our way back to the cabin via the Silo Art Trail, a 200km long stretch of highway interspersed with six stunning pieces of local artwork painted on massive grain silos.

Arriving back in the evening, we stoked up the outdoor fire and settled in for a relaxing evening of toasted marshmallows washed down with ice-cold beers. The only complaint we could manage to muster up is that we’d have to be saying goodbye the cabin in the morning. At least until the next time we visit. Danny tells us it’s completely different in the other half of the year, surrounded by lush greens instead of the dry bush.

Things We Did

  • Sunrise
  • Swim
  • Scenic Drive
  • Food & Drink
Sunrise at the Balconies
Wake up nice and early and make your way to the Grampians for an epic sunrise at The Balconies. It's just a ten-minute walk from the road so bring your torch and do the walk in the dark to see first light over the hills. Coffee or hot choccy is a must, and a blanket if it's a chilly morning!

Sunrise is perfect in summer because you can beat the heat and be at one of the nearby waterfalls or pools before it heats but too much.
Venus Baths
Even in the middle of summer, the water is running through the Venus Baths, making them the perfect spot to escape the heat and wash away the sweat. On a hot day, head there early and get a swim in before anyone else arrives. It's just a short ten-minute walk from Halls Gap, so can be busy in the middle of the day....
The Silo Art Trail
Leura Log Cabin and Warracknabeal are smack bang in the middle of the Silo Art Trail. It's a 200km stretch of road running from the Rupanyup to Patchewollock that has six stunning pieces of artwork painted onto grain silos. Three of them are within 20 minutes of the cabin, and they are all worth checking out!...
Recharge at Halls Gap
Grab a coffee and a bite at Halls Gap or any of the cute country towns on the way through to recharge, refuel and support rural businesses....

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