Getaway amongst the cows?

This little Tiny House experience was unlike anything we could've imagined!
When you arrive, you're greeted with a cute and comfortable Tiny House which has all your favourite creature comforts like a comfortable queen-sized bed, WIFI/data, shower, toilet and all kitchen supplies you need.

Then we saw this mysterious four-legged figure walking towards us, and then we realised it was a baby cow. Holy shit, it wants pats and cuddles?! Then when you find out the story of this calf, you can't help but love it!

Also being located only 8-minute drive from Gloucester, it is so close to the amazing Barrington Tops National Park where we ventured in to check out the inspiring Gloucester Falls!

Things We Did

  • Farm
  • Swim
  • Hike
  • Scenic Drive
  • Waterfall
Spitfire & Dash
Spitfire was adopted by the owners of the property when she was less than two-months-old. Over time Dash, the local dashing dog has become good friends with Spitfire and they have created this inseparable bond.
This has led to Spitfire behaving and acting as a fellow canine! Wanting cuddles and pats like Dash does as well! Soooo amazing!

Put it this way, one night we were snuggling in bed streaming some Netflix and Spitfire was just outside the window next to the bed watching it with us!
Enjoy the local Spa
This property gives you access to a swimming pool, some hammocks and lounge chairs, but unlike many others, it has this glorious Spa overlooking the property.
Fair to say we spent A LOT of time in this overlooking the mountains which were sooo beautiful!
Gloucester and it's local park
The local park and small country down of Gloucester is absolutely adorable. It has some epic little cafes, pubs and op shops... Like most small rural towns it is gorgeous.
It has a local park that is absolutely beautiful and can take the loop walking track around the waters edge which is stunning.
Scenic drive to Gloucester Falls
Every road you drive on out around Barrington Tops provides you with scenic and beautiful rolling hills, farmland, mountains and valleys. We took the drive up into Gloucester Falls and came across some amazing landscapes!...
Gloucester Falls!
About a 1hr and a 15-minute drive from the accommodation you can get to the Gloucester Falls Walking track. The track is only about 15 minutes, and you get to come across some of the most beautiful freshwater waterfalls ever! You can definitely swim in these as I have in the past, but during our trip, there was a heap of rain, and we weren't able too. But definitely worth the drive and the short walk!!!...

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