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A Land of Sweeping Plains

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After a run of wild weather at home, a well-needed reset was required, so we packed a bag, loaded the boot of the SUV and hit the road. Being freelancers, we like to take advantage of a mid-week escape with quieter roads and less foot traffic through smaller towns. Where we’re headed is a 4-hour drive South-East from Sydney, but who likes the highway? Anyone who knows us well enough could have guessed we took the scenic route, hugging the coastline as we headed south. Enticed by the verdant beauty and mountains cradling the area, we were sold on a pit-stop walk to Belmore Falls to gaze at the waterfalls from its 550m elevation. A layer of thick fog rested meters above, but even the rain couldn’t dampen the mood.

A few hours on, the clouds had parted, and we’d arrived in Gundagai, kicking off our soggy sneakers and boiling the kettle to settle in. Once we’d stepped out onto the deck, there was a shared feeling of awe.

Envisage a spectacular 7,000 acres of golden hillside paddocks stretched across the Murrumbidgee River flats and dotted with woolly sheep and silvery gum trees. You’re standing on a wooden deck at a vantage point, with a hot coffee in hand and the radiant sun on the horizon. Fortunate for us all, this dreamscape exists at Kimo Estate, a working sheep and cattle farm with a long and interesting history. There are three huts amongst other sheds and dwellings built on the estate, Sweeney’s is the highest of the three and the most premium offering.

Sweeney’s Hut has been designed to allow you to disconnect with the modern world and immerse yourself into nature and a simpler way of life without having to pitch a tent - as two seasons campers, we knew that we were in for a treat at this luxury cabin. Being off-grid, powered by solar and fit with rain tanks, the hut is entirely self-sufficient and takes advantage of the natural elements.

A definite drawcard and deserving of separate praise was the outdoor hot tub, which, unlike others, is powered by a wood fire to heat the bath. A bottle of red, a soulful mixtape and a sky coloured in soft pastels set the mood for the evening as we polished off a cheese platter with fresh figs. Hours flew by as we got lost deep in conversation and nature appreciation - but as night fell, we found ourselves cosy in the tub, wrapped in candlelight and blanketed by a starry night sky. A light spray of rain tapping our shoulders only heightened the experience making it all the more cinematic.

Come morning, we welcomed the golden light streams at dawn and allowed the sun to seep through space and wake us naturally. With floor to ceiling windows and no blinds, the hut is imbued with natural light - you don’t need to worry about privacy when the closest dwelling is miles away! It's not uncommon to awake and feel like you're in a lucid dream with a curtain of fog settled into the valley beneath you.

While it’s easy enough to spend days on end being at leisure at the hut, we couldn’t help but explore its surroundings during the day. Being part of the Riverina region, there’s a multitude of activities to experience from any direction, year-round. A highlight for us was a scenic drive through the winding roads to Blowering Reservoir, where we did a long lakeside walk, constantly curious from every perspective.

Things We Did

  • Waterfall
  • Scenic Drive
  • Walk
Belmore Falls
The walking track offers no shortage of lookouts and sensational southern highland, waterfall and sandstone flora views. It's also one of the best swimming holes around. You can also drive to the bridge crossing and view the waterfall from a railed platform overhanging the rock face....
Drive through Bogong Peaks Wilderness
We put the Mercedes Benz GLC 300 through its paces along the serpentining roads of the lakeside wilderness. It was a journey worth the while....
Walk and Swim at Blowering Reservoir
The reservoir is a popular spot for all water sports, including skiing, jet skis, sailing, canoeing and swimming and boat ramps are located around the lake. The reservoir is stocked with Murray cod, golden perch and silver perch. Trout and other fish species are present. We took a long walk alongside the lake to take in the surrounding landscape....

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