Tiny Home, Big View.

Live big in a little home. This dreamy cabin is ideal for a weekend away. Nestled in the hills of The Gurdies, this Tiny House the perfect opportunity to sit back and relax and enjoy the natural surrounds and views of French Island - or immerse yourself in the many hidden gems of South Gippsland. Nearby you can find a range of local produce farms, markets, breweries, distilleries and many small artisan stores. As it is a short drive from Phillip Island, you can bring along your surfboard to get some waves, or rug up and watch the penguins come in of an evening. Incredibly sustainable, the Tiny House is completely self-contained and relies on renewable energy and natural resources. Fully insulated, you will feel cosy and at home....

Things We Did

  • Farm
  • Food & Drink
  • Scenic Drive
  • Event
  • Surf
Maccas Farm
Just off the South Gippsland Highway, visit Maccas Farm to get your fix of local produce. With a cafe and grocer, you can find a range of fresh fruit and vegetables, meats, herbs and spices, jams and other preserves. Enjoy a coffee while looking over the strawberry fields and surroundings hills....
Loch Brewery & Distillery
A 20 minute drive from your tiny house, Loch is a small town off the beaten track. Here you can find a range of gift, antique and specialty stores. New life has been brought to this historical town, founded in 1876. We visited the Loch brewery and distillery to sample some of the local brews....
Scenic Drive
We jumped in the car and took off, with no end destination in mind. Driving through the rolling hills, we were rewarded with endless views. Let the road take you from hillside to coastline....
Local Produce Markets
Most weekends, there are local markets - big and small - that showcase local arts, crafts and produce. From fruit and veg to candles and knick-knacks, there is something for everyone. Grab a coffee and browse the many shops and stalls around....
With the tiny house not a far drive from the iconic surf destination Phillip Island, it's always a good idea to pack the surfboards for a fun session in the ocean....

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