Tintenbar Rustic Farmstay

A scenic drive through the rainforest of the Byron Bay hinterland, just 10 minutes from the coast, led us to the winding dirt driveway of Allambi Studio. Through a paddock gate and down a gravel road, we stepped onto the weathered deck to an endless view of rolling pastures and grazing cows, our cravings for a quiet weekend in nature immediately met.

With a rustic farmhouse feel, the studio has been fitted to amplify a sense of timeless nostalgia from a simpler era - pots and pans hanging from the rafters, coloured glass windows over the bed and a beautiful butlers sink in the kitchen. After stoking the fire in the wood-fired hot tub, we spent the afternoon wandering the property, watching cows roam the paddock and galahs play in the gum trees. Quaint and cosy, the studio became our beloved escape as our stay melted into a blissful dream.

Things We Did

  • Waterfall
  • Food & Drink
  • Beach
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    Killen Falls
    Following a winding dirt track to the cascading creek, we turned upstream and rock-hopped our way to the secluded watering hole of Killen Falls....
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      Folk Byron Bay
      Tucked out of the way, we visited the gorgeous little Folk Byron Bay for a healthy lunch with the same rustic and homemade feel as Allambi Studio....
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        Lennox Head
        With an eagle soaring overhead, an ice cream shop across the street and scenic views of the headland, we walked up and down the beach of Lennox Head soaking in the sleepy, beach-town feel....

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