The Sound of Silence

With endless pine forest roads and wildlife at every turn, this getaway was nothing short of magical.

As phone reception faded we were left with just the sound of birds and the gentle breeze through the trees. It was made that much sweeter when we were greeted with a crackling fire, so we made ourselves cosy in the little cottage nestled in the bush and prepared ourselves for an early sunrise mission.

The morning was frosty with fog wisping through the valley. As we approached Kanangra walls the sun began to penetrate through the fog creating one of the most beautiful sights we had ever seen. Mountains as far as the eye could see and not a soul in sight, we ventured further into the valley exploring waterfalls and cute little creeks that ran all the way down.

After hours of exploring we made it back to the cabin with lunch on our mind. The firepit in front of the cabin seemed like the perfect spot to do so, so we baked our potatoes in the embers and drank wine until the sun set.

In just the 2 days we stayed in Tarakuanna Farm we saw wombats, kangaroos, cows, numerous birds and even a fox. There is so much wildlife throughout these forest roads, be sure to drive slow and take it all in while you can!

Things We Did

  • Waterfall
  • Lookout
  • Town
Kanangra Walls Waterfall
Just past the Kanangra Walls lookout you will find a trail that goes down into the valley. At the bottom is a pretty little waterfall - we would have swum if it wasn't so frosty....
Kanangra Walls Lookout
One of my personal favourite lookouts in Australia and it's not hard to see why. This view is mesmerizing and you could spend a day or more around the area finding more viewpoints. Get there for sunrise for the best view!...
Leura For Lunch
Such a charming town, I would highly recommend stopping at Leura on the way to or from the property for lunch. We ate at Leura Gourmet Cafe and Deli Restaurant which I would highly recommend!...

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