Bells n' bird whistles

When my Boyfriend and I are deciding on a getaway location, there are a few things we agree are a must; Close to the water, private and quirky accommodation, oh and of course Activities (preferably competitive, I love beating him!).Just across the road from the Tipi is easy access to The Ironbark Basin track, which allowed me the opportunity to chuck on my flashy sports gear and walk it out, I received plenty of smiles from cycling enthusiast also in flashy sportswear, except unlike myself they are actually fit and have earnt the privilege of fluoro tights. The narrow path with ocean views was framed by Ironbark trees (hence the name) and beautifully coloured by soft yellow native wattles. We deviated from the signed path, following what seemed like small animal tracks, Dan took lead, so lucky me coped all the rebounding branches to the face as he weaved through the bushland...alternatively the leader has to deal with unforeseen spider webs. Our rugged hike led us to a cliff face overlooking the iconic Bells Beach, I think I earnt my fluro’s.

Although there is plenty to do in the surf coast area, we spent most of our time chilling by the tipi, enjoyed a picnic, some wine (bottles) by the fire, a staple diet of marshmallows and even got in a few rounds of pool ( I am unable to disclose game results). The Tipi called for some ceremonial practises, so we ventures a few kilometres down the road to The Great Ocean Road Chocolatiers, were we completely lost ourselves, acting like it was the Wonka factory, first exceeding our limit on free samples, then over ordering basically anything with cocoa in it at the café. We retreated back to the Tipi with a sugar overdose, staring at the Aztec interior, hoping a spirit guide would appear (probably just me) while trying not to vomit. Over the course of our stay I became obsessed with a local legend, the white albino deer which has been previously sited on Tipi grounds, I kept on high alert, waiting for the mythical being to appear to give me a wink or eternal life. Kangaroos, rainbow coloured Parrots, and devilish looking Caterpillars all visited but no white deer...I was forced into stealth mode, laying still in a hammock waiting.....I read Harry Potter in the meantime to get my mythical fix. I wasn’t graced by the deer folk, but I am a believer.

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Where We Stayed


Bells Tipi

The Bells Beach Tipi ticked all the boxes and inspired a few new additions to the checklist. Being a surfer, my partner Dan was stoked to be able to wake up at sunrise and check the surf by popping his head out of the canvas. As a mermaid I prefer to use my siren calls to ask fellow marine dwellers how the conditions are....

Bells Tipi

in Bells Beach, VIC
per night
4 guests
Pet Friendly

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Where we stayed
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Things We Did

  • Hike
  • Beach
Iron Bark Basin
There is a nearby ocean walking track. The narrow path with ocean views was framed by Ironbark trees (hence the name) and beautifully coloured by soft yellow native wattles....
Point Addis Beach
Ideal for escaping and finding your own private beach. Its a 20-30 min walk from the Tipi and is worth a wander. The beach is protected from the swell so bring your bathers....

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