Bells n' bird whistles

Bells Beach, Victoria

Live My Adventure Story

If you've been inspired by my story, please see my adventure details below.

Things I Did

Bush walks, Iron Bark Basin – there is a nearby ocean walking track. The narrow path with ocean views was framed by Ironbark trees (hence the name) and beautifully coloured by soft yellow native wattles.

Surfing, Bells Beach - Being a surfer, my partner Dan was stoked to be able to wake up at sunrise and check the surf by popping his head out of the canvas. is just a short walk from the tipi and offers amazing views and waves off course. 

Places I Went

Point Addis, Beach – Ideal for escaping and finding your own private beach. Its a 20min walk from the Tipi and is worth a wander.  The beach is protected from the swell so bring your bathers.