Coffee, Cows and a Log Cabin

I’ve always enjoyed trips to the Blue Mountains region and this little weekend away did not disappoint. We pulled up to the log cabin in the late afternoon and the last of the sun’s rays seemed to be screaming “drinks by the fire”.
As we sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed the view we soon realised there was a lot to see and do. This little farm has two huge pigs, chickens, geese, ducks, pigeons, peacocks, friendly farm dogs, and two cows, one of them being the friendliest young cow I ever did see.

The property is amazing to explore with a pond, a dam, a chestnut & walnut grove, and all of the birds and animals. We went for a walk in one of the paddocks and Buckles (the cow) followed us the whole way - being hand raised, he loved pats and cuddles!

The cabin is perfect. It has everything you could possibly need, an amazing high-pressure shower (dreamy) and heating (or cooling) in every room. It’s super easy to feel instantly at home here, the afternoon light is amazing and the view of the pond from the lounge room is the icing on the cake.

Things We Did

  • Sunrise
  • Waterfall
  • Lake
Soul searching at Govetts Leap lookout
We filled our flask with a delicious hot tea and set out early to watch the sunrise at Govetts Leap. If you need some perspective in life, this is where you will find it! You feel so tiny when you look out at the enormous ancient valleys of the canyon here. The waterfall there is jaw-dropping with how far it falls. It’s so mesmerizing to watch the water formations it creates as it falls to the base of the canyon. Sadly, not every track was open while we were here, but we did manage to go for a walk and find a great spot to sit and watch the sunrise over the valley....
Hike to Minne-haha
These falls are indescribably epic and surprisingly not very well known, or overly busy. It was such a glorious winters day that we considered a swim (but settled for only dipping our toes) in summer this would be the best place to spend the whole day! This is more of an adventurous track with a couple of steep staircases and rocks to scramble around but let me tell you it is worth it....
Picnic by the lake
Spend the afternoon down by the picturesque Lake Lyell. Super quiet and secluded with free visiting during the day, perfect for a later arvo picnic!...

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