Pink Dawn

High Country

Live My Adventure Story

If you've been inspired by my story, please see my adventure details below.

Things I Did



The Delatite river is a beautiful place, a true stream of happiness. Refreshing like a cool glass of lemonade, and it will make you feel as Australian as a kangaroo on a dunny.


Walking across the peaks of Mt Buller was a true highlight, and the time of day made for all the differences, so make sure you go when the sun says hello or goodbye. The suns not as fun when she’s just sitting in the sky.

Places I Went


Lake Eildon at Bonnie Doon

A classic spot from an Australian classic, for fans of 'The Castle' this is more than just a great place to go for a swim or take the jet ski's out, its a piece of Australian film history.  It also has an epic rail bridge you can walk out over the lake onto.

Mt Buller

The bones of my story, with rolling valleys every which way you look, pink dawns, and red dusks, its the place to be when you stay at Sylvan Rise. head up to the summit for a view of roughly 20 or so peaks falling off into the distance.

The Delatite river

An icy cold river sized glass of refreshing wake up juice. aka one of the nicest swims you can have in the high country.  It's clean fresh water, have a sip, we did!