A tika-end away

Merrijig, High Country, Victoria
There’s nothing like a warm fire in a small cabin surrounded by greenery and fog in the middle of winter. Especially when it's spent with your other half and little pooch. We spent the Friday night settling down in the cabin, enjoying its amenities which included a fully equipped kitchen, fireplace and cozy lounge area.

Thiabaud and Mikayla have styled the cabin perfectly, modern yet rustic with a unique touch and heaps of useful items like torches, snow boards and even an axe for cutting extra firewood. After a night of wine, dining and board games, we decided to have an early night to fuel our energy for a full day of exploring on Saturday.

With so much nearby, we were fortunate enough to have access to local walks such as along the Delatite River at the bottom of the property – as well as a few off-road and main road walks which Chandler enjoyed – but being winter, make sure to bring a jacket for your fur son. 

Mansfield was packed full of goodies, with a weekend market offering some of the best from local farms – the Mansfield Coffee Merchant is the must go place for coffee and smashed peas and eggs any day of the week. 

Make friends with the staff easily, and be amazed how good coffee can be even if you're 3 hours out from Melbourne, oh and Chandler enjoyed his puppachino! We felt quite adventurous so we decided to do the 2hr drive to Bright one morning to catch sunset at Hotham – on our last day, we decided to go luggage free and enjoy a morning sunrise just below the Mt Buller summit, just a short drive from the cabin.

There is a lot of traffic during the winter so stay safe and be responsible for yourself when parking on the roadside to admire the amazing High Country views.  If you are driving from Melbourne, take the scenic route either through Marysville and Jamieson or Molesville and Mansfield – either way, enjoy the best that Victoria can offer – avoid the boring highways! Take the scenic route!

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Where We Stayed


Tika Cabin

I have never seen such a cozy little cabin before in my life!  There’s nothing like a warm fire in a small cabin surrounded by greenery and fog in the middle of winter. The dark moody tones just made me want to curl up next to the fire with a cup of tea. There was everything you needed in this cabin, fully equipped kitchen, dining and lounge area, fireplace (and a fire pit outside), bedroom, bathroom and very warm heaters!...

Tika Cabin

in Merrijig, VIC
per night
6 guests
Pet Friendly

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Things We Did

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Mansfield Coffee Merchant
Love your smashed pea and egg breakfast? Or are you a caffeine addict like me? Best coffee within a 200km radius! Take my word – oh and fur kids allowed!...
Delatite River Walk
Based at the bottom of the property, enjoy a morning walk by the river bank and enjoy the sounds of Australia’s local birds!...
Mount Buller
Go hands free, best advice – get to a good point and enjoy the sunrise or sunset...
Bright Pine Valley
Only a good 2hour drive from TIKA cabin - if you’re a fan of Pine Forests! We highly recommend the drive....
Bright Brewery
We stopped past the Bright Brewery and treated ourselves to a pizza and beer....

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