Welcome to Riparide – a place where you can book soul-fulfilling escapes through real adventure stories. Our unique accommodation is brought to life by storytellers sharing their experiences. Think of stories like your best friend’s travel journal – inside are honest reviews, inspirational photos and visual itineraries waiting to be lived.

Why Riparide Exists

Time spent in nature fulfills the human soul. We enter the world as little explorers; we roam parks, climb trees, play with rocks, and have an authentic energy for life. However, as we grow, the pressures of the modern world slowly grind away at our adventurous spirit. Years of school, screen time, work and society’s demands will often bring about a busy routine existence and a disconnect from the outdoors.

Our purpose at Riparide is to inspire people to unplug from modern-day trappings and head outdoors in search of fulfilling moments. Seek out a beautiful waterfall, step out of a cabin into the wilderness, paddle out for a morning surf or abseil down a cliff face. It’s about pursuing those peaceful, exciting and challenging moments that restore balance and bring fulfillment to our lives.

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The Team

Our Story

Riparide stems from a love and connection to the outdoors and a personal struggle with moving away from a small surf town to a big city. Riparide founder, Marlon Law, grew up in Torquay watching his dad build a surf company and was lucky enough to have the gift of surf and snow was passed onto him as a young boy. As a father now, Marlon realises how incredibly important this was to his well-being, especially now that he lives in Melbourne and struggles with life in a concrete jungle. Riparide was carved out of Marlon’s frustration with city life, as a way to offset the daily grind and reconnect with nature.

“It’s incredibly important that I pass this on to my two young boys, especially with all the modern-day trappings like Netflix and digital screens. I hope Riparide can pass on the gift of nature to others who are stuck in cities or just need to escape reality for a bit.” — Marlon Law

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