About Us

Passionate people on a journey to inspire adventurous living

From cliff-camping and Kombi vans, to cabins in the wilderness, Riparide is here to open a world of adventures and fulfilled living. A place people can rent out their adventure stuff (log cabins, kombi campers, mountain bike tours, surfboards etc) to others wanting to embark on adventures.

Our Role In The World Is To Inspire Adventurous Living

We are all born adventurers. As kids we explore parks, climb tress, play with rocks and have an imagination that runs wild. But as we grow, the pressure of modern living slowly grinds away at our adventurous spirit. Years of school, parent’s expectations, screen time, hectic lifestyles and society’s demands will eventually get you to behave in a prudent way.

We have made it our purpose at Riparide to inspire adventurous living in everyone, to help people connect with their spirit of adventure and bring back that child-like sense of wonder and exploration.

Adventurous living at its simplest, is heading outdoors in search of moments that excite, challenge and center us. Whether it’s paddling out for an early morning surf, embarking on a solo hike, peering out of a tent on a fresh spring morning, loading the van to hit the open road, dropping into a meter of powder or drifting down rivers, it’s about pursuing those moments the rejuvenate our soul and make us come alive.

If Riparide can help people experience a more adventurous and fulfilled life, connect with friends and family and grow a respect for natures playground, then we’ve done our job.

The Team