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Welcome to Riparide – a place where you can book soul-fulfilling escapes through real adventure stories. Our unique accommodation is brought to life by storytellers sharing their experiences. Think of stories like your best friend’s travel journal – inside are honest reviews, inspirational photos and visual itineraries waiting to be lived.

Why Riparide Exists

Our purpose at Riparide is to inspire people to unplug from modern-day trappings and find fulfillment in nature. Why? Because time in nature fills the soul. We all enter the world as little explorers, roaming parks and climbing trees, but as we grow the pressures of society grind away at our adventurous spirit and we disconnect from nature.

A Riparide experience, whether that’s sitting by a waterfall, stepping out of a cabin into the wilderness or paddling out for a morning surf, exists to help people find those peaceful, exciting – and sometimes challenging – moments in nature that restore balance and bring fulfillment to our lives.

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The Team

Our Story

Riparide was born out of a love for the outdoors, a big city battle and a tipi at Bells Beach.

Riparide co-founder Marlon Law grew up in Torquay, watching his dad create a surf company, which had a huge impact on the course of his life. Marlon spent his entire childhood in the mountains and by the ocean, but he lost that connection with the outdoors when he moved to Melbourne.

Feeling trapped by the concrete jungle, he’d escape to his Bells Beach property at every opportunity. He quickly realised that this coastal getaway was the perfect antidote to his urban lifestyle, and he wanted to share its magic with other people.

So Marlon set up a tipi and in doing so, Riparide got its first Story – ‘Tipi Dreaming’ documented by a local photographer (storyteller). Marlon saw storytelling as a creative way to bring to life the experience the Tipi offered.

Fast forward, Riparide is now a place where people can plan and book escapes through storyteller travel guides.

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