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What are Riparide Stories?

Riparide Stories are real travel experiences captured and shared by our creative community of photographers, who we call Storytellers. Through inspiring photos, words and videos, our Storytellers bring our unique stays and local adventures to life.

So grab your camera, rally the travel crew and join us on our mission to deliver soul-fulfilling escapes. One story at a time.

Story by Charlotte

Riparide Stories

Why become a Storyteller?

Enjoy adventure time, creative freedom and inspiring others to live fully.

Story by Alexandra

Explore new places

In the words of Dr Seuss – oh the places you’ll go! We’ll work with you to find accommodation and adventures that fit you and your crew like a glove.

Creative freedom

Enjoy the freedom to adventure and create content that fits your vibe. We keep our brief lean, so that you and your crew can actually enjoy your escape.

The value of adventure

We don’t expect our Storytellers to work for free, but a lot of the value of joining our community comes from the adventures you have and the people you meet. Get in touch with us to discuss the ways we compensate you for your work.

Grow as a creative

We’re here to help you connect with a community of like-minded storytellers, build industry connections and create a portfolio of varied content that you’re proud of.

Inspire others

Create work that will inspire other people to chase soul-fulfilling moments. Help make the world a better place, one outdoor adventure at a time.

Meet our storytellers

Here’s what our Storytellers think about Riparide Stories.


As a lifestyle and travel photographer, my goal is to generate value for my audience so when sharing on social media or my portfolio, I always pick images that will deliver not just aesthetically but also allow people to discover new places. Being a Riparide storyteller is like connecting those dots – there's no better place to find inspiration for traveling and exploring our beautiful country.


I love being a storyteller for Riparide as it combines a few of my passions: appreciating great and unique architecture, seeing and creating beautiful memories that are documented through the stories we create, and meeting the hosts and hearing their stories. These stories inspired us to follow through with our own project – a converted bus called Gloria – an interest ignited by Riparide.


As a storyteller, an adventurer and a dreamer - my drive is to create purposeful and emotionally charged content, rooted in the belief that images speak to the soul of the viewer and are shaped by a passion for beauty, a heart for story, a search for connection, a desire for experience and thought-provoking content. While I acknowledge the value of aesthetics, I firmly believe that authentic storytelling is paramount.

Andrew & Jess

The Riparide crew has been awesome to work with and it's been a legendary experience getting to see parts of Australia I otherwise might not have. I started working with Riparide about 7 years ago and since then I've watched the idea combined with a passion for the outdoors and adventure grow into what we know as Riparide today. Thanks for having me along for the ride!


I love being able to explore new places and being part of a community of like-minded creators and travelers.

Riparide Stories

How it works

Join the community, lock in your adventure and share your story.

Story by Andrew & Jessie

Join the community

Hit us up with your content! Send us your portfolio! If we think you’re a good fit, we’ll welcome you to our storyteller community.

Lock in your escape

Our team will work with you to find the perfect Riparide property and region to suit your adventure style.

Capture your experience

It’s go-time. Read the brief, rally your crew and enjoy the freedom to explore, shoot and create your ultimate adventure.

Share your story

Upload your photos and words to and see your story come to life. It’s now a bookable – and most importantly, shareable – experience. Pat yourself on the back for inspiring others to live fully.

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