Heavenly Hangtime

We finished our corporate working week on Friday and made our way down from Melbourne to Halls Gap. The 5 of us spent the first night drinking wine and discussing what hikes and routes we would climb for the long weekend. The first day we made our way to Hollow Mountain to climb the routes at Tribute and Amnesty. After a good 8hrs of climbing and hiking we made our way back to our accommodation and rewarded ourselves with some Indian cuisine at the restaurant across the road. The next morning we got up at 4:30am and headed to Mt William for sunrise, and we were in absolute awe.

We were back at the house by 7:30am to prepare ourselves for another big day of climbing. We met a few friends the previous day who suggested to climb in the dreamtime area. When we got there the more experienced guys set up to climb the 50m route whilst a few of us headed a bit further down to climb a pillar called 'Prince Albert'. It had 3 climbs from easy to moderate, which gave us the warm up we needed.

Being a photographer this area was just so picturesque and a great place to take photos of all the others climbing, especially to capture the scale of some of those walls. After another big day we headed back to the house where we appreciated the clean warm showers before making our way to Reeds lookout to witness the last sunset for the weekend.

After sunset we got stuck into drinking more wine, eating cheese and watching rock climbing documentaries on Netflix and Youtube. The next morning we got up bright and early, the girls did some yoga then we enjoyed breakfast on the deck before packing up to have a free day in the Grampians then headed home due to the hot weather. Definitely the best 3 days I've had and experienced in this National Park, with the combination of modern, clean accommodation, the escape you need with hiking and the rush you feel with climbing, it was everything we needed.

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Where We Stayed


Golton in the Gap

Golton in the Gap is a perfect ultra modern stay situated right in the heart of the Grampians. The house has everything you need to enjoy a comfortable stay with family and friends. The rooms and beds were very spacious and comfy and perfectly created for a 5 star feel. The lounge and kitchen area was a great space to cook, dine and relax with friends all in one area, we really felt at home. It's also walking distance to shops and restaurants nearby, though situated out enough to escape the crowds! The front deck was also great to enjoy the morning sun, eat breakfast and even do some Yoga before the hikes and climbs....

Golton in the Gap

in Halls Gap, VIC
per night
8 guests

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Things we did

Things We Did

  • Sunrise
  • Climb
  • Sunset
Mt William
About a 20 min drive to the carpark, Mt William is a great morning hike to view the best sunrise the Grampians has to offer. Mt William is also the highest point in the Grampians so you will be greeted with a 360 degree view of the National Park which is unforgettable. From the carpark it's a 20-30min steep walk to the top that only requires low to moderate fitness....
Dream Time Rock Climbing
Dreamtime is located in the Serra Range. It has some of the best sport climbing the Grampians has to offer, with routes as high as 50m and a wide range of easy to hard climbing routes. To get there you'll need an AWD/4WD to get to the carpark, you can also camp not far from the routes. It's about a 40min drive to the carpark from Halls Gap and a 20-30min hike to get to the climbing walls...
Tribute and Amnesty Rock Climbing
Tribute and Amnesty are both accessed through the Hollow Mountain tourist track. Tribute has a wide range of mid range sport climbing routes whilst Amnesty provides only one mid range route and a great selection of harder routes. Tribute is a 30-40min hike from the Hollow Mountain carpark and Amnesty is around 20mins....
Reeds Lookout
Reeds lookout is your iconic Grampians sunset spot. Only a 15min drive from Halls Gap, you'll reach the carpark and you can literally just hop right out and witness the sunset right in front of you. Bring a blanket and some snacks, best way to end the day!...

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