An Adventure Down South

As soon as Friday hits so does the excitement, for we get away most weekends. As avid rock climbers we must sharpen our skills on the rocks as there are many lessons to be learnt.

This weekend was special for it was the day we first started dating 3 years ago, when we went camping at Cave Beach and decided we would be more than just belay partners. Since then we have have had a tonne of adventures, and we always make the return pilgrimage to Jervis Bay, and The Boat Shed was the best place to celebrate.

The Worrowing Boat shed is located 20 minutes from Nowra and 10 minutes from Jervis Bay. We woke up to a beautiful foggy morning as we strap on our hiking boots and throw on our down jackets. Our destination was unknown for we arrived at night (a really exciting experience in itself and the morning views are extra special and unknown).

We walked around the entire farm with kangaroos foraging on the wet grass. The land was quiet and the lake still, the only noise was of ducks breaking the water as they play. We got to check out the fruit and vegetable gardens, the main garden and feed carrots to the friendly brown horse.

Our tummies rumbled as we went back to the Shed for some BBQ eggs and bacon with a view to match. After accidentally dropping the butter lid in the lake (which was later rescued), Magui noticed some funny moving objects surfacing, it was a turtle!

Sneaking straight off for a surf at our favourite beach, Cave Beach. This is where we surfed out the rest of the morning to some small but empty waves. Both smiling to each other as Cave beach has still to this day never disappointed us.

From the beach we headed straight to the cliffs; we went to P.C. crag, a small urban style cliff with a not so beautiful looking rock face, but boy does it climb well. After climbing, we got our groceries and went straight back to The Boat Shed. We enjoyed the evening to ourselves having a few beers, cheese and a BBQ.

We woke up at sunrise again to the noise of ducks scavenging for food; we took one more walk around the farm and checked out (saying goodbye to the Horse, giving him one last carrot before saying our final goodbyes).

We walked along the White Sands Walk and along Hyams beach as the sun rose higher. The scenery is amazing and we got to see dolphins. Jervis bay is one of the only places I know you can see pretty much all of the eastern species of animals!

On the way home we have a tradition and that is to head through Berry, a beautiful small town with some of the worlds best donuts. We went all out, bought a six pack to stock up and only finishing them on the drive home before pulling over somewhere quiet to snuggle up in our van and sleep.

Things We Did

  • Beach
  • Hike
  • Surf
  • Food & Drink
  • Climb
The Whitest sand in the world
Walk along the White Sands Walk towards Hyams Beach, with its beautiful white sand. You can enjoy swimming and snorkelling, and if you get lucky you may even see dolphins!...
Hiking around the Beautiful farm
Go for a walk at the farm and discover the friendly wildlife....
Surfing At Cave Beach
After sneaking off for an early surf we went straight to our secret spot "Cave Beach". I brought Magui here for our very first date and we have been coming back here for many years. The surf is clean, the beach is beautiful and the crowds are low. It's even protected from those windy blown out days....
The Beautiful Jervis Bay
With some of the most beautiful beaches in NSW, Jervis bay is an amazing place to surf, fish, snorkel or just to hang out at. Green Patch, Cave Beach and Murrays Beach are the three best spots in the area.
The water is clear and the sand is white. You can also find kangaroos hanging our watching the waves.
The Famous Berry Donut Truck
After an exciting weekend away climbing, surfing and exploring, why not spoil yourself with the world famous berry donuts? Served warm, this busy food truck delivers the goods and while you are at it, you can check out the rest of this gem of a town....
Rock Climbing In Nowra
As rock climbers we spend most weekends tied in to one end of the rope on the sharp end of a climbing route.
Nowra has some of the best sport climbing in the country and most of these climbing areas are only a stones throw from where you park.
If you haven't already, you should try climbing, it's great fun and is a great lifestyle sport.

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