Gazing in the Grampians

The sound of singing birds will wake you gently, as the sunrise view from your bed creates the perfect ambience to start a new day. Hiking, stunning views, waterfalls, stars and peace of mind were all in abundance.

Getting out to the Grampians, into one of my favourite locations in Victoria was a wonder to behold. Our home for the weekend was the Bedford, a fully renovated 1968 bus that had it all. Our host Greta had given us tips and left a few maps of surrounding hikes and adventures for us. We chose our top destinations and headed straight out to explore the mountains and bushland.

The bedford was fully self sustaining, with fresh water, 12v DC electricity, gas cooker, surround sound and heating throughout the bus. All cooking utensils are also supplied and the outback shed contains your own bbq space with amenities for making a campfire or to grab a few sun chairs.

You share the campground with a few neighbours but with so much space available you can choose to mingle or keep to yourself as you please. The vast open property allows you to go for short walks around your own backyard and see loads of Australian wildlife, including kangaroos, wallabys, emus, sheep and a plethora of native Australian birds.

We spent our days hiking, exploring lookouts and chasing waterfalls before settling in with a hot shower, some dinner and stargazing. Rest your feet by the fire and take in the Milky Way as your mind begins to clear and the rejuvenation begins.

Things We Did

  • Sunset
  • Hike
  • Waterfall
  • Wildlife
  • Starry sky
Mt.William is home to one of my favourite views in the grampians. You can go there for sunrise or sunset and witness something spectacular. It is a steep hike up to the peak that will take approximately 30 mins from the carpark. The sun will rise over the clouds and set behind the mountains....
Pinnacle lookout hike
This hike was only two and a half hours with views of the Grand Canyon, Silent Street and the pinnacle lookout. Stunning views, ancient stone and silence all in one. Save your lunch break for the peak where the views are breathtaking....
Mackenzies Falls
A short hike from the carpark will take you down into Mackenzie's falls. The giant waterfall is a beauty to sit back and watch as the waterfall spray cools you down after the decent. If you go at the right time you may even see a rainbow shimmering off the water....
Kangaroo Park
Copious amounts of Kangaroos will spend their evenings eating at the reserve. Feel free to observe them and say hi but please remember to be respectful....
Star gazing at your doorstep
A few hours after sunset the stars will be bursting out of the sky. Look up and simply enjoy....

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