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Venus Bay

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Things I Did


Surf & Swim

We surfed and swam a good chunk of the time we were at Venus Bay in late afternoon as the sun set, and a good few hours the next morning before the storm. We went to 5th beach, the closest beach to the Sugar Shack, about 1km away. Stunning exposed beach.


We walked to the beach and also explored the main street of Venus Bay. We also walked around some of Anderson's Inlet (on the other side of Venus Bay to the beach) before the rain got too heavy, finding little crabs and lots of water birds. Before we arrived at Venus Bay, we also walked at Wilsons Prom to find and explore the Big Drift.

Places I Went


The Big Drift

We went and saw The Big Drift at Wilsons Prom, which is an extensive series of inland sand dunes within the gorgeous coastal national park of Wilsons Prom.

Venus Bay

We spent majority of our time at Venus Bay, a gorgeous little coastal town on the East Coast of Victoria. It has a small population, and is mostly a holiday town. So peaceful and surrounded by a nearly 24km stretch of beautiful exposed beach (good for surfing).