Mesmerised in the Otway’s

Our weekend stay at The Guest House at Cape Otway Homestead was one that did not disappoint! Located right on the edge of the Great Otway national park and only a few minutes from Aire inlet, we were greeted with a bumpy entrance up the main driveway (which can be a little tricky with a low car). Slowly but surely, we made it up to see the stunning views and knew we were in for an epic stay. Our hosts provided us with a warm welcome and made sure we were well set up - they even had the fireplace ready, and the record player loaded with some great music.

The homestead is attached to the main house, which is home to the host, but you can enjoy your stay in complete privacy with all the facilities you could ever need – with a fully stocked kitchen, gas oven, hot tub, fireplace, and even a coffee maker. We spent our time soaking away in the hot tub, lounging by the roaring fire, enjoying the balcony views and searching for koalas, native birds, and other Australian wildlife all from the doorstep. The closest shops are located about a 30-minute drive away so remember to bring some food along the way.

With endless hikes: both rainforest and coastal, and basking in the immense beauty of the nature that surrounds you, we left Cape Otway Homestead feeling rejuvenated with our minds at ease.

Things We Did

  • Forest
  • Hike
  • Waterfall
  • Food & Drink
Maits Rainforest walk
Walk though some of Australia's most unique rainforests and witness some of the biggest mountain Ash Trees in the country. A stunning short scenic walk!...
Great Ocean Beach Walk
This scenic hike will take you along the cost of the great ocean road path. You will see stunning views of Aire Inlet, cliff faces, gnarled trees and secluded beaches....
Redwood Forest
Submerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the Californian redwood plantation. An epic plantation with spectacular views. Easy access and suitable for everyone....
Houpeton Falls
One of many incredible waterfalls situated in the Great Otway national park. A steep 15-minute descent with steps and handrails offering an incredible vantage point of the cascading waterfall....
Otway Historical Cafe
A beautiful unique cafe filled with history and memorabilia nodding to the Otways history. Great local food and coffee. Perfect pitstop on your way in or out of town....

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