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Tucked into a gap at the foothills of the Alpine National Park, Abington Farm and the surrounding country towns give a humble feeling to those who visit.  Heyfield, Glenmaggie, Cowwarr and Coongulla to name a few, surround the stillness Lake Glenmaggie with agricultural goings on, places where a bit of physical labor are part of life.  Over the next few days, we drove through the hills and past the lake, taking in the quiet scenery around us.  You don’t need to go far from the city to escape it’s concrete and bustle.

Pulling into Abington Farm itself is a moment of clarity and calm, a small herd of cattle grazes in the paddock near our converted barn accommodation and we are warmly greeted by Bernie, who encourages us to explore the farm as much as we felt necessary.

Things We Did

  • Kayak
  • Walk
Thomson River
The Thompson River backs onto the property and runs its way through to the town of Abington. A couple of canoes parked under a tree down by the river that passes through Abington were a welcome activity on our weekend escape....
We made some new friends (Nova and Chloe) to accompany us on our walk as we explored the surrounding farmland and rivers....

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