The Bunkie in Bundeena

It's all in the name, 'The Bunkie' - how cute, how quaint! It had everything you needed for a little getaway, to reconnect with each other and to disconnect from work. We spent the days hiking straight from our accommodation to Wedding Cake Rock and made a slight detour - what was meant to be a 2 hour hike turned into 5 haha! We had amazing weather, but eventually got super chilly as night fell. We were able to heat up the small space quickly, get some takeaway Thai and put a movie on....

Things We Did

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    Wedding Cake Rock Hike
    We were able to walk right from our accommodation towards the National Park and straight onto the coastal track to the famous Wedding Cake Rock. We enjoyed a few mandarins at our destination before heading back - the views were breathtaking!...

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