Immersed in the Rainforest

After a busy working week, we arrived in our Ukiyo tiny house and realised that we forgot our phone chargers. Nothing better for a digital detox than being surrounded by the lushness of the Otways rainforest.

This tiny sustainable house has been custom built to complement the principles of ‘Shinrinyoku’ (forest therapy), with its porthole providing a bird's eye view of the magical forest. Ukiyo means “floating world” or living in the moment detached from the bothers of life. And that is precisely what we did. We spent most of our time soaking up our senses: observing the rain dripping on the ferns and the sun rays striking through the towering gums, taking a slow walk on the private rainforest Therapy Trail, and enjoying a hot bath in this endless paradise.

We also loved exploring the natural wonders nearby, driving the meandering roads to waterfalls, rivers, and beaches. After indulging in some local craft beers, the tiny house made the perfect place to retreat at night to enjoy some family time over a nice dinner and a glass of wine offered by our host. Thanks to the delightful Heather, this place is constantly evolving. We cannot wait to return one day.

Things We Did

  • Hike
  • Swim
  • Waterfall
  • Lake
  • Food & Drink
Tramway Track Hike
This small hike provides the perfect alternative to Teddy lookout for people, like us, who think that “It is not about the destination, it is about the journey”. Hike up with the golden light and magnificent views over the St George River and go down with the kangaroos....
The Zaborin Walk
A private 1.5km loop of rainforest Therapy Trail to enjoy some “Shinrin-yoku”, forest therapy, time. Walk slowly and sit on one of the multiple benches to bathe in the forest atmosphere and alleviate your stress levels. For those seeking a deeper connection with nature, take in the forest through your senses and admire how the sun rays and raindrops interact with the forest....
Forest Bathing
Immerse yourself in a warm bath surrounded by the lushness of the rainforest and the towering gums. The perfect place to indulge in a hot tea and soak in the moment....
Erskine Falls
These magnificent falls are a must. The sound of its roaring water is the perfect relaxation for tiny babies in tow....
Lake Elizabeth
Lake Elizabeth provides the perfect place to spot some platypus and to hike back with the magical light of the glow worms....
Forrest General Store
This is the ideal place to buy some tasty local treats and get some coffee boost to explore the surrounding natural wonders....

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