Warmth in Warburton

En route to the Mudbrick Cottage, we wound through the rainforest and parted the fog. As we turned down a quiet driveway and followed a puff of smoke in the sky, we were greeted by the charming property lit from within.

From the red-window trimmings to the handmade mudbricks, exposed wooden beams, and a reading loft built into the high ceilings, this rustic off-grid cottage radiated so much warmth and charm.

No wifi, no tv – our night time entertainment was the flicker of a flame and round of cards. The generous stash of firewood kept us toasty from the mountain air, and the fireplace was a prime spot to finish a bottle of wine.

In the mornings we were greeted by the sound of Kookaburras and Rocket, the host’s dog who patiently waited at the door for a morning cuddle (or would cheekily shoot past the door for a round of tag). The kitchen was generously stocked with a continental breakfast, supporting local produce from the Yarra Valley, and a coffee machine that had our names calling. Standing by the kitchen windows was a dreamy spot to enjoy a cuppa and soak up the bushland views, which is a complete contrast to the towering rainforest on the adjacent side.

Only 10-minutes from the town centre of Warburton and 30-minutes from Mount Donna Buang, we were spoilt for choice while exploring – from a cheeky toboggan ride in the snow, a muddy trek through the Redwood Forest or simply a vintage shop and coffee in the town centre, we left feeling beyond grateful for this stay.

Things We Did

  • Forest
  • Snow
  • Food & Drink
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    Visit the infamous Redwood Forest to immerse yourself in the wonder of the Californian Redwoods and Cement Creek....
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      Only 30-minutes for Warburton, we drove through the fog and watched as the patches of sludge on the side of the road transformed into a beautiful blanket of white. Perfect location for a family toboggan, or to hike through the condensed landscape and admire the towering trees....
      On the main strip in Warburton, with an outdoor takeaway setting, this bakery is a must-visit for a pastry craving!...

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