Luxury Among the Sheep

Heading West from Sydney and leaving the Blue Mountains behind, the land in front of us starts changing into a hilly landscape, with endless farmland stretching towards the horizon. Three hours later we arrived to our beautiful accommodation at Wilga Station, where we found everything we could possibly need for a quiet and relaxing time out of town.

The Farmers Hut is a luxurious self-contained off-the-grid cabin, with stunning views of gently rolling hills and constantly changing sky. From the minute we walked in, we fell in love with the simple, yet sophisticated design and thoughtful details. We appreciated the bottle of bubbles and gourmet bites we found in the fridge and enjoyed the fresh eggs and bread for breakfast.

The accommodation is surrounded by private farmland that is home to nearly a thousand sheep. You can spend hours sitting in the window box reading, dreaming, relaxing or watching the sheep. To be honest, the animals grazing so close to the hut were the highlight of our stay, especially lambs, they are just too cute.

The Farmers Hut was a perfect countryside escape to slow down and leave your daily to-do lists back in the city. Immersing yourself into surroundings and enjoying the fire with a glass of wine while the sun goes down behind the hills.

Things We Did

  • Walk
  • Waterfall
  • Mountain
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    Literally starting at the doorstep of the Farmers Hut, there is a narrow trail through the huge private farmland. It’s usually used by the resident sheep but also great for humans wanting to explore the farm. It goes all the way down to a creek which is great for a refreshing afternoon dip....
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      Whether you take a picturesque 6 km hike along the creek from the visitors centre, or just a short walk from the car park, Grove Creek Falls in Abercrombie Karst Conservation Reserve is worth seeing. The creek is full of water during the rainy seasons and it’s quite impressive!...
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        Around an hour drive down from Bathurst there are the incredible Abercrombie Caves - apparently the largest natural arch in the southern hemisphere. You just get tickets from the information centre and you can explore every corner of the cave by yourself....

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