Kyoto Barn of Kinabalu-Treehouse in the Pocket

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In the Byron Bay Hinterland, Kinabalu, 25 minutes from Byron Bay, wake up on top of a mountain to the sunrise and one of the most extraordinary views in Australia looking over the valley all the way to the Pacific Ocean. This is an exceptional and most nature based and wilderness experience.

We don't rent this out often as it is used by our volunteers and environmental workers. So we only do three to five day bookings or more.

Please message if interested.

Please note, being originally THE ORIGINAL LIVING QUARTERS FOR THE EARLY SETTLERS. What is provided is primarily an immersive wilderness and nature-based experience.

It is best described as a Barn, GLAMPING CABIN or TREEHOUSE. Please be aware that in booking this unusual historic shelter that was originally built as a living space and barn. It is described as such because of the unorthodox style and creative construct of the building. Being built by the early settlers in a handmade style ensures a very unique experience.

It is a place to soak up the wild nature. The property is immersed in the virgin jungles of Inner Pocket. Definitely for Wild Nature lovers only! Not the place to base yourself to go socially galavanting in town.

Our home, Kinabalu Farm, is managed as a Private Conservation Park and the income I earn from this help us look after this very special place not to mention repair & regenerate the Gondwana rainforest here at Kinabalu. Planting my favourite rainforest trees is my passion. I'll give you a tree to plant:)

Please note. This is NOT 5-star accommodation. This is a handmade early settler build.

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Features and Amenities

2 bedrooms
3 beds
1 bathroom


  • Check in after 02:00pm
    Check out before 11:00am
  • Weekday minimum booking: 5 nights
    Weekend minimum booking: 3 nights
Cancellation Policy: 

Receive a 50% refund of the total booking amount (minus service fee) up until 1 week prior to check-in.

Additional Information

The Barn


Drive up to the top of the mountain for 3kms in an all-terrain vehicle (4WD) ... or walk. The drive is not for the faint-hearted! The road up to the top of the mountain is *very rough* and especially steep in the first part, so an appropriate 4 wheel drive with good clearance and not to mention good driving skills are required to reach the pinnacle.

*Please bear in mind all lifts on arrival and final departure from the car park is provided by arrangement and is included in the price*. Other trips by arrangement may be charged $25.

Please also note, driving here requires 4 X 4 experience! I highly advise taking the freely available rides.

This is off the beaten track, wild bush mountainous terrain, overlooking the ocean and a deep jungle valley below, surrounded by the Inner Pocket Nature Reserve. So do your shopping beforehand.

Experience a fully-equipped off-the-grid, hilltop jungle Safari 1/2 hour from Byron Bay and wake up to the Golden Sunrise over the vast ocean. Perched on top of a mountain, at the end of a most gorgeous valley there lies in a secret forest overlooking the majestic Pacific is a property named "Kinabalu". It means the place where the Spirits of the Earth come and go from heaven.

Surrounded by a Rainforest Sanctuary & National Park, you have absolute privacy and one of the most extraordinary locations of the area and in Australia. If pristine walks into old growth forest & wild beautiful nature or swimming in the natural waterfalls is your thing...this is it.

The Kyoto was originally built in 1976 as a habitable barn by the early settlers. Its choice was governed by the sight of the early sunrise over the ocean.

In the Kyoto Barn there is two double bedrooms. The main bedroon occupies the whole top floor with its own lounge and bathroom attached. The lounge there can be made into a very comfortable bed for a single. Downstairs there in the lounge there is a double camping style foam mattress in front of the open fire place. There is also another Queen bed in the downstairs lounge in the form of a couch that converts.

A shower & toilet is available here with another on its way. The shower is an outdoor garden type built into a tree trunk *so not for the shy*. Or you may like to take an Epsom salt bath inside, in the old antique enamel bathtub.

You'll also enjoy full connectivity ADSL internet, a large range of books, well-equipped cooking facilities, a yoga deck, and a view that's hard to beat.

Be prepared as you would as if you are going camping.

This accommodation is RUSTIC, SIMPLE & BOHEMIAN and handmade in nature, in a building that is not completely finished at this stage! The dwelling was built in the early 70s and 'officially' is NOT defined as a habitable dwelling. As with a lot of Byron Shire there are hundreds of these dwellings here built by the early settlers.

PLEASE NOTE also THIS IS NOT 5 STAR accommodation, though we aim to please, there is still much to do. The photos reflect the attributes of the interior and the garden area outside the Kyoto lodge is still work in motion. ***Having full mobility is essential for your safety in this environment, and is *not suitable for the elderly or young children* without constant adult supervision.***

Please take note, if accepted that you will take complete responsibility for yourself and for your family!

You enter this property AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Please bear in mind that the terrain is wild and this is NOT an urban environment. Walking trails are bush tracks and to all intents and purposes must be considered, in the wilderness.


Bring your food and comfort requirements, I suggest also an umbrella, a torch, and appropriate walking shoes not to mention some mosquito repellent.

Also, be aware this is a hand-built home constructed nearly 50 years ago, is on top of a mountain in the middle of dense wild forest and mountain terrain. The shower is in a tree stump out in the open in a private area. There are no concrete pathways, railings on decks, just natural bush tracks and a most welcome rustic charm :) The early settlers were not as fussy about such matters so in a sense gives it its own characteristic charm. We are working on it now.

Please be prepared with the appropriate attire, wet weather gear and make sure you are fit enough to negotiate steep, uneven and sometimes slippery ground.


Bear in mind the location is on top of the mountain and the road is VERY rough so all transport on arrival to and final departure from the pickup point is provided. If additional transport is required to and from Byron Bay or the airport, a fee of $75 is required.

It may be possible to bring your pet, please ask at time of booking.


POSTPONEMENT OF BOOKINGS requested within 10 days of booking will be declined.


  • Base Price $295 / night
  • Weekend Price $325 / night
  • Security Deposit $200
  • Extra People $30 / night after 2 people
  • Discounts 
    15% discount for bookings of 7 nights or longer

    30% discount for bookings of 21 nights or longer

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The Pocket
The 'Treehouse' of Kinabalu, Inner Pocket, is a very special & unique location. Welcome to one of the most spectacular views of the Shire. 'Kinabalu'of Inner Pocket is primarily managed as a Private Conservation Park with a human touch.
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