Beachfront Bliss

Located on the pristine Western shore of Pittwater, right at the water's edge, awaits an idyllic beachfront retreat. Our journey began with Mick, a delightful water taxi captain who took us from Palm Beach Wharf to our destination at Mackeral. With his sailor hat and witty sense of humour, he made the trip all the more enjoyable as we laughed our way to paradise. Upon arrival at Mackeral Beach, we were greeted by a cluster of wheelbarrows near the end of the wharf. These proved to be quite useful as we lightly packed them with plenty of food and embarked on a leisurely stroll along the shoreline to reach our exquisite accommodation that felt like a perfect world away.

Despite being just an hour away from the city and a short distance from Palm Beach, once you step foot on this haven, you'll instantly feel transported millions of miles away from civilisation. Here, there are no roads or cars bustling about; no shops disrupting the serene surroundings. Instead, you'll be completely immersed in nature's embrace — surrounded by bushland, shimmering sea waters, and endless skies that overlook Great Mackerel Beach, Pittwater, Palm Beach, Broken Bay and beyond. During our stay, we basked in glorious sunshine while kayaking around and marvelling at breathtaking views. The wildlife delighted us with their presence, particularly daily visits from charming bush turkeys. It truly felt like having our own private island where tranquility reigned supreme. And when it came time for relaxation within the eclectic mid century style house filled with stunning art deco, beautifully manicured gardens or gatherings around an inviting outdoor fire area — not to mention access to a convenient workspace/gym located in the boat shed downstairs on the beach — every amenity was provided for our utmost enjoyment.

Things We Did

  • Kayak
  • Swim
  • Sunset
  • Experience
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    In the boat shed at your doorstep, you will find a range of different activities to choose from. there are two kayaks to enjoy and explore the area....
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      Enjoy the clear waters with a relaxing swim...
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        We enjoyed an nice evening walk to watch the sunset (or sunrise) by the Mackerel Beach Wharf...
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          Bringing out my inner child I really loved playing and relaxing on the blow up flamingo in the water and rolling around in the waves...

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