Sanctuary By The Sea

A sanctuary is the only way to describe this retreat, nestled in a secluded glen of ancient trees and just a stone's throw to the ocean. You can feel this place is special as soon as you set foot on it.

We arrived somewhat flustered form a long drive and were almost immediately greeted with our first "Sound Healing Ceremony". A little sceptical at first, after a few minutes of shooting photo's I had to put the camera down and get involved.

The only way to describe this experience is; a total body detox (you didn't see coming) through vibrations. At some points when the resonating of the bowls mix with the ocean waves, plus the ambient nature sounds around the yurt, it's trance-like, highly recommend.

Kamala our host would be hard to describe in a few sentences, that being said the word remarkable sits pretty well. On top of being a magician on the sound bowls, She's full of wisdom you'd usually need to pay for, insightful first-hand accounts of the history of the area, spins a 10/10 yarn and is a more than welcoming host.

We were more active than we anticipated; catching the sunrise most days, surfing, shooting photos, exploring the extraordinarily clear Nambucca River and a few beaches I hadn't been to in years.

This was a journey back to the country I grew up in, with my girlfriend and younger brother. Next time I think it will be just the two of us.

If you're looking to take the pace off, this little getaway was just what the doctor ordered.

Things We Did

  • Experience
  • Food & Drink
  • Surf
  • Scenic Drive
  • Wildlife
  • Beach
  • Swim
Sound Healing
Hard to describe how awesome this is. If it's possible with Kamala, please do yourself a favour and book in a session....
Breakfast at the Bookstore
We randomly picked this place to eat and were blown away. Treat yourself to some really dope food and an epic atmosphere. The entire place is covered in old books and couches, the staff are legends, we even met the owner and guess what, she's a legend also. 10/10 would recommend....
Surfing out the front
There's plenty of better beaches to surf all up and down the coast within an easy drive. Though there is always something special about having a wave just our front of where you're staying, especially when there's usually no one ever on it....
Headland Lookouts
Perfect spot to get the lay of the land, also there's an epic beach that's out of the wind, just below it....
Kangaroos on a headland
Possibly the most Australian thing you can do is hang out on a headland with half the coat of arms....
Taking advantage of the Beachfront
One of the best parts about this place is, you can hear the ocean from your bed. We were frothing that there is a beach that's a 3 to 5 -minute walk along a bush track, directly from the back of the property. We took a stroll and didn't even glimpse another soul on the entire beach....
Swimming in the Nambucca River
The water is crystal clear here, as there is hardly any agricultural runoff into the river system. We even busted a snorkel out to have a bit of a look around....

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