The Aire Down There

Our stay at Aire River Escape was truly unforgettable. Winding our way through the stunning Otway Ranges with sunbeams slicing through the gigantic gum trees, we reach the ocean and moments later arrive at the gate of our accommodation. Be sure to bring all the food and treats you need for your stay because once you arrive, trust me you will not want to leave. We had originally only planned to stay for Friday and Saturday nights but extended our stay to 3 nights even though it meant a very early morning run for work in the city. This paid off in spades (by spades I mean an early morning sauna followed by a bath on the deck before hightailing it back to the city.) Our morning ritual started with a coffee in the spa taking in the vistas that wrap around the property. The river meanders right out the front of the house which has a backdrop of rolling green hills and surrounding mountains. We really loved hearing the sounds of the wildlife that blended into the breeze. We spent our days kayaking the river while the platypus swam around us and wandering sheep filled paddocks amongst big, beautiful gums looking for koalas. We found 8 within minutes. We spent our afternoons either in the sauna, in the spa or by the fire. Sometimes all three....

Things We Did

  • Kayak
  • Walk
  • Food & Drink
  • Hike
  • Beach
Aire River
We explored both directions of the river until our arms were tired and could paddle no further....
Maits Rest Rainforest Walk
On our way to Apollo Bay we pulled into a rainforest walk by Cape Otway. It’s a super easy and enjoyable 30 minute boardwalk through dense temperate rainforest that requires no gear. The Manna Gums and ferns in there are giants!...
La Bimba Cafe
Nailed our food and coffee when we went into town...
Explore the property
Exploring the sheep paddocks, along the river and also up the hill behind the cabin are all a must....
Beach walk
By car turn right out of the gate and take a short drive up the Great Ocean Road. There is a lookout on your left which is positioned perfectly for sunset. If you’re up for an adventure you could also take the kayaks down to where the Aire River flows into the ocean....

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