Ocean Roads and Sandy Toes

Surfboards on the roof, and a dog in the back - we're packed and road-trip-ready. A midweek getaway to the surf coast is always a good idea.

We arrived at Jan Juc as happy as Larry. Salty air, the sound of the waves, things couldn't get much better. Except then it did. There sat Beachy Keen, the little beach house we were staying in for two nights. It felt like home as soon as we walked in. The house was filled with character. From wooden floors to light spaces to coastal colour palettes - we were in heaven.

The rainy and moody 'sunset' didn't stop us from indulging in fish and chips on the beach for dinner; perfect fuel for sunrise walk and surf at the beach the next morning. The cold couldn't wipe the smiles off our faces.

We defrosted at Beachy Keen in front of the gas fireplace (which kept the house so cosy and warm) while eating breakfast, before chilling out in the backyard for a little with the dog, and then exploring the Great Ocean Road in the rain, heading down to Lorne. A sunset surf worked up our appetite for local pizza in the warmth of Beachy Keen while the rain poured down outside.

This gorgeous beach house made us feel like we'd been there before. So comfortable and well-equipped with everything you might need, it was the perfect place to relax and enjoy the coast (even in the cold and rainy weather).

Things We Did

  • Food & Drink
  • Sunrise
  • Lookout
  • Scenic Drive
  • Walk
  • Surf
  • Sunset
  • Desert
Burgers at Bottle of Milk - Lorne
We devoured lunch while escaping the rain at Bottle of Milk in Lorne, thoroughly enjoying the setup, too....
Sunrise at Torquay Beach
We caught a moody sunrise before heading out for a surf at Torquay Beach. The dog was pretty happy running through the waves and socialising with the other early morning dog-walkers....
Lorne Pier
After lunch, the sun appeared for a split amount of time. We headed down to Lorne pier to enjoy the sunshine, the blue of the water, and the views. It was as windy as anything, but the sea air kept us so happy....
Great Ocean Road
The Great Ocean Road drive was a perfect decision for a rainy day activity. We played groovy tunes, and enjoyed some incredible views. We stopped and explored beaches along the way to Lorne when the rain subsided in patches....
Walking Track at Jan Juc Beach
On our last morning, we decided to walk some of the walking track that also lead onto a lookout at Jan Juc Beach. We took in the last of the sea air, and watched the surfers out for their morning surf....
Surfing at Torquay and Jan Juc
We surfed the sunrise and sunset both at Torquay Surf Beach and Jan Juc Surf Beach, determined to spend as much time in the water as possible. The surf beaches were 5 minutes drive from Beachy Keen which was perfect....
Sunset at Torquay Main Beach
We ate delicious fish and chips from the local shops while experiencing the bluest sunset from rain clouds over the ocean that I've ever seen. Blue on blue....
Cactus Desert at the Coast
We popped into Arizona Living in the Main Street of Jan Juc and were taken away to the desert, surrounded by so many different Cacti. A great little nursery for a spot of shopping (or just admiring as we did)....

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