Tumbi House with Expansive Coastal Views

100% Recommended
12 people
No pets
Relax at this unique and tranquil getaway. On hillside acreage, chill out on the deck, feel the coastal breezes and listen to the birdlife while soaking up valley, lake and ocean views.

There is plenty of space to relax in all seasons with a BBQ, internal fireplace and outdoor fire pit to enjoy. Taste our home grown produce.

The 2 level home is central being within 10 min’s of 5 beaches & lake, and a few min’s for shopping, clubs and restaurants.
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Features and Amenities

5 bedrooms
9 beds
3 bathrooms
Air conditioning


  • Check in after 03:00pm
    Check out before 11:00am
  • Minimum booking: 2 nights
Cancellation Policy: 

Receive a 50% refund of the total booking amount (minus service fee) up until 1 week prior to check-in.

STRA Registration: PID-STRA-9330

Additional Information

House Rules

We take responsibility for providing all bedding, towels, soap, shampoo, generous kitchen supplies and free firewood. You bring a smile and take responsibility for respecting the property and following the house rules below

We expect guests to behave like responsible grown-ups:
- Don’t burn down the house, read the house manual and follow its instructions before using the firepit or fireplace.
- Don't use up all the tank water, be water wise as we fully relay on rain water.
- There are several rubbish bins around the house: the toilet is not one of them
- No parties to respect the property, neighbours and wildlife. Please keep noise to a minimum after 10pm. Deck and BBQ close at 10pm.
- No additional guests beyond the booking.
- No visitors onsite without prior host permission.
- No shoes in the house, leave your worries and shoes at the door as the Australian Redgum hardwood floor scratches easily. Damages will be charged.
- No smoking in the house, no exceptions, this includes cigarettes, cigars, shisha, hookah, nargile or any others.
- Enjoy taking photos to have memories of your stay, just refrain from using a drone to maintain our neighbours privacy.

House manual

We use a smartlock system on the front door please refer to your check in message for the code. There are many sliding doors in the house so be conscious of locking these before leaving the house.

Park in front of the garage on the paved area.

We have plenty of cooking utensils and equipment that you are free to use so enjoy cooking up a storm trying out some of our local produce. We would greatly appreciate if you could clean up prior to checking out. There are a number of condiments, spices and cooking oil, coffee and tea for you to enjoy. Instructions to use the espresso machine are found on the hot drinks tray. Explanation of the oven symbols is found written inside the oven door.

The laundry is found off the downstairs living room where there is a washing machine, dryer, iron, ironing board and supplies. Feel free to use either the outside clothes line or clothes airer and let the sun do the work.

There is a hairdryer located in the bathrooms as well as shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

TV is located in the downstairs living area with Netflix set up using Google TV. The google remote should be the only one you need to use. When you hit the on button give the system a minute to start up.

Sonos sound system
Located in the upstairs living area the Sonos is connected via WIFI.

Each bathroom and kitchen has bins. At the end of your stay it would be appreciated if the bins could be emptied and simply dropped into the black outdoor bins beside the front porch. Do not use the council bins at the street.

As noted in the house rules only human waste and toilet paper into the toilets, everything else in the bins provided. The Septic has an alarm and red light in the laundry. In the unlikely event either is activated please inform us straight away. As part of the septic processing there is a sprinkler that turns on automatically that runs in the bushland strip below the house. This is one sprinkler we suggest not playing in!

BBQ & Deck
There is a BBQ positioned on the deck for you to enjoy. There are BBQ utensils, cleaning cloths and a spare bottle in the BBQ cabinet. If you swap bottles please inform so we can refill. Due to the noise do not use the BBQ or deck after 10pm.

Fire pit
There is a fire pit and seating on the left side of the house. We may have the top part of the fire pit upside down to stop water collecting in it. Simply flip and use paper and fire starters in the olive green wood box situated either next to the firepit seating or on the front porch. There is a wood stack just near the fire pit to use as well. Please do not use in hot or windy weather or total fire ban days. Never leave unattended. Never use in hot windy weather or during a total fire ban. There is a nearby garden tap and hose to put the fire out once used.

Heating and Cooling

As well as the fireplace (see separate section below) each master room has an oil heater in the wardrobes if you want to be extra cosy.

The main bedrooms upstairs have ceiling fans; all others have fans in the wardrobes to use if desired. The upstairs area has ducted air conditioning with the control switch in the hallway with zone switches below it.

For safety please ensure any heating or cooling devices are turned off when you go out.

The fireplace will be stocked outside of peak summer season. Lighter will be high up on the bookshelf. Additional wood can be found outdoors in an olive green wood box either next to the firepit seating or on the front porch. The John Deere trailer in front of the shed is also frequently stocked with dry wood to refill if required. There are also plenty of stacks of wood you can use on the property.
To use the fireplace there is a slide mechanism at base which adjusts the air supply. To start have in fully open position on the right. As the fire is established shift the mechanism to the left for most efficient use. While the fireplace is quite large you do not have to build a large fire in it to have a good atmosphere or warmth. Keep the size of the fire moderate and spread out width wise for most effective use.
If you have children please put the safety screen in place. Never us the fireplace when a total fire ban has been declared.

The hammocks may be stored in the laundry in case of wet weather. Not much fun hopping into a hammock and getting a wet bum! Feel free to connect up if the weather clears or store in the laundry if weather deteriorates. They are simple to attach, look for the white ropes under the deck for locations. The hammock chair is connected by slipping the wood rod through the rope and connecting the chair to the rod. The hammock has carabiners to connect to.

Games & books
To help you enjoy your stay, we have provided you with a number of game and book options. In the single bedroom you will find a book case full of entertainment that is children centric.
There are some good reads on the upstairs living room shelves next to the fireplace for adults.
There are some more board games and also a futsal table in the downstairs living area.
Feel free to use any of the games or puzzles, just make sure to put all the pieces back in the box when you’re done so nothing gets mixed up!

Feel free to give the hens scraps, see the note on the scrap bin in the kitchen for details of what they will eat. Also feel free to check the eggs and use during your stay. If you want to let them out to free range only do so from mid afternoon and if you will be around to lock them back away at dusk. It may mean life or death for them.

Property Boundaries

The property boundaries are largely unfenced, the fire trails and line of rainforest trees that run north south to the left of the chicken coop and also to the right of the driveway are the property boundaries. Please do not walk up these fire trails as they are private property. Please give the Orchard and Tiny some space as others stay in those buildings.


Due to a mix of grasslands, woodland and semi tropical rainforest on and around the property the wildlife is abundant. If on the lookout expect to see a wide diversity of birds, lizards, geckos and wallabies.

There are also pythons in the area.

We recommend wearing enclosed shoes when grass or leaves are under your feet. During extended wet weather there may be leeches, just be aware and they are easily removed with salt or insect repellent stored in the top drawer of the shoe cabinet on the front porch.

It is wise to keep the sliding insect screens on the house closed at all times.

Hospital & Clinics

In case of emergency dial 000.

The closest hospitals with emergency departments are Gosford Public which is a 22 minute drive and Wyong Public a 24 minute drive.

For minor emergencies, there is a bulk billed clinic named Grace Medial Care at Bateau Bay Square shopping centre an 8 minute drive.
They can be contacted on 02 4332 6000 or alternatively visit gracemedicalcare.com.au. They are open 8am-8pm every day.


The chemist with the longest opening hours nearby is called The Entrance District After Hours Chemist located in Killarney Vale a 7 minute drive and can be contacted on 02 4332 3424.

In case of a blackout
In storms it may be possible to lose power for a short period of time. You can check status at ausgrid.com.au and go to power outages. We have LED lights in the drawer next to the sink in the kitchen and another in the broom cupboard also in the kitchen. Please note when power is lost we lose the water pump so water will be limited.


  • Base Price $499 / night
  • Weekend Price $649 / night
  • Security Deposit $200
  • Extra People $50 (adult) and $50 (child) / night after 6 people
  • Discounts 
    10% discount for bookings of 3 nights or longer

    12% discount for bookings of 4 nights or longer

    15% discount for bookings of 5 nights or longer

    25% discount for bookings of 7 nights or longer

    45% discount for bookings of 28 nights or longer

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100% Recommended


Fiona & Dean
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Central Coast NSW, Australia
Fiona & I (Dean) purchased our property that we now call Tumbi Hill Retreat in 2014. We fell in love with it even though there was plenty of work to do. The existing orchard area was totally bare and now contains over 60 different varieties of fruiting plants including indigenous varieties. Lantana and tobacco weed was overtaking the natural corridors on the property and this has been removed and endemic varieties planted. Over the years we have been reshaping the property to be both a wildlife sanctuary and a sustainable hobby farm with the creation of orchards and gardens. After becoming empty nesters we decided to share our property with guests with the goal to give people a unique, restful stay with the opportunity to get back to nature, and experience our hobby farm. Tumbi House launched in October 2021, Tumbi Tiny in May 2022 and Tumbi Orchard in September 2022. In the middle of Covid Dean decided to leave corporate life in food manufacturing to turn these dreams into our family business. We love to see others enjoy the beautiful nature on our property and we hope that you have a peaceful stay.
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Adventures on the Property

These are the exclusive natural wonders and outdoor activities within the property boundaries.

  • Photo 1 for The Chickens
  • Photo 2 for The Chickens
  • Photo 3 for The Chickens
  • Photo 4 for The Chickens
  • Photo 5 for The Chickens
  • Photo 6 for The Chickens

    The Chickens

    This was the highlight of our trip. On the Sunday morning, before we had to head off, the sun came out for about an hour so the kids let the chickens out. The chickens followed us up to the house, so the kids fed them bits of toast while I followed along with my camera and coffee....

    Outdoor Equipment Provided

    Enjoy the outdoors with the following equipment included in your stay.

    Yoga mat (4)
    Stand-up paddleboard (1)
    Kayak (2)
    Kayaks & paddle board are available on request.
    Kayaks require your own ability to transport to where you want to use them. Stand Up paddle board is a air pump version that fits in the boot of most vehicles.
    Yoga mats are on the deck ready to be used.


    The map shows the listing location and awesome adventures nearby.

    Listing location
    Adventures nearby

    Adventures Nearby

    Here are some details about the adventures nearby. Refer to the map for their location.

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      What to do with Weather this Fowl

      Tumbi House is tucked away on a mountain overlooking Tuggerah Lake. On our way to the accommodation, we stopped at a lookout and walked the the Pearl Beach to Patonga track, enjoying lunch at Pearl Beach. The view from the lookou...

      $499per night
      No payment required until your host accepts
      $499per night