About Peninsulas

Washington’s two main peninsulas – the Olympic and Kitsap – are worlds in themselves, so close to Seattle yet so very far removed from the hustle and bustle of modern existence. And with rustic log cabins, off-grid yurts, treehouses and more available to be booked, Riparide has the perfect base for you to explore either of them. The Olympic Peninsula, which has a western shore on the Pacific Ocean, was long considered one of the last true wildernesses in the Lower 48 and hosts acres upon acres of untamed forest, while rugged peaks rise over 7000 feet in the form, most famously, of Mount Olympus. Over on Kitsap, you’ll surely encounter Douglas firs, sometimes shrouded in fog, as the Puget Sound laps at the coastline. Whether exploring the peninsula by bike, boat or on foot, you’ll discover an evolving food scene and a number of craft breweries thriving alongside the well-protected natural environment – keep your eyes peeled for Puget Sound’s resident orcas too!...

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