Tumbi Tiny a 2 bedroom loft with rural scenic views

100% Recommended
4 people
No pets
Get away from it all when you stay under the stars at Tumbi tiny. Set on a rural property that is only 10 minutes to shops and beaches. Luxury 2 bedroom loft tiny home with views over the Tumbi hills with coastal breezes and local bird life. Tiny has the mod cons with air con, fan, oven, 2 burner gas stove while also being environmentally friendly using rain water and a composting toilet. In the main loft you can watch the stars through the skylight. Let the outside in with stackable windows in the kitchen....
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Features and Amenities

2 bedrooms
3 beds
1 bathroom
Air conditioning


  • Check in after 03:00pm
    Check out before 11:00am
  • Weekday minimum booking: 1 night
    Weekend minimum booking: 2 nights
Cancellation Policy: 

Receive a full refund (minus service fee) up until 1 week prior to check-in.

Additional Information

House Rules

No additional guests beyond the booking.

No visitors onsite unless prior approval from host.

No smoking in the Tiny - no exceptions, this includes cigarettes, cigars, shisha, hookah, nargile or any others.

Noise - please be mindful of others and no noise after 10pm. Do not use BBQ after 10pm.

Shoes - Leave shoes at the door.

Composting Toilet uses nature to do its thing, only leave human waste, toilet paper & sawdust in it.

Firepit- ensure the firepit while lit is not left unattended. Do not use on total fire ban days.

Parking- use the gravel parking at side of Tiny, please don’t block the driveway to the main house or park on the fire trail.

When tiny house is unattended have windows and skylight shut in case of bad weather when you are out.

Photos - enjoy taking photos to have memories of your stay, just refrain from using a drone to maintain privacy of our neighbours.

Vacating - please ensure lights, aircon and fan are turned off, windows closed and sliding door locked with key back in lockbox.

House Manual

Cooling & Heating

Ceiling Fan - switch is at front door, above switch is the remote.
Aircon - provides heating & cooling. The remote is above the light switch at front door.
Skylight - has a blind that is operated remotely. The remote is in the loft next to light switch. The skylight opens and shuts by turning the handle. Make sure skylight is shut if leaving the Tiny or if it rains.
Windows - please ensure these are shut when vacating the property. The tiny house has no eaves so if it rains be mindful to close the windows effected by the direction of the rain.

Computer is our TV

You are in a tiny, devices get multitasked! To turn on move the mouse. Front screen will have access to Netflix plus TV channels via internet.


Basic breakfast provisions are provided of cereal and milk.
There are teas, sugar, hot chocolate and ground coffee for hot drinks. Coffee machine and kettle are provided to make the hot drinks. Please clean coffee machine carefully if used.
Cooking equipment essentials are provided. Spices & herbs, salt, pepper, sauces are provided. There are some other items in fridge and freezer and cupboards like flour etc of which these can be used during your stay. Fresh grown herbs will be provided subject to seasonal availability.

Rubbish & scraps

Under the sink is a small bin, please use for any kitchen scraps which will be added to our compost bin.

Under the kitchen bench table is recycling and rubbish bins. If you have any excess rubbish please leave it bagged outside beside the steps. Do not place rubbish in the council bins near the street.


In the Laundry you will find a first aid kit. In the kitchen bottom draw you will find a fire extinguisher.

Hot water system and stovetop runs on gas. If either run out let us know and we can quickly change over the gas bottle for you.

Composting toilet
Instructions are on the wall next to the toilet.

There is an olive green box next to the tiny steps filled with starter material, matches or lighter and dry wood is provided for the firepit. Please do not leave unattended once lit. Additional firewood can be chosen if required from nearby stacks. Never use in hot windy weather or during total fire bans.

BBQ is available for your use, let us know if you need to change over the gas bottle so we can refill. The utensils are hooked on the BBQ cabinet. Please clean after use, BBQ wipes are found under the kitchen sink.

Outdoor spaces please use and roam around. Feel free to visit and feed the chickens & use the bush swing.

Enjoy your stay!


  • Base Price $225 / night
  • Weekend Price $300 / night
  • Extra People $20 (adult) and $15 (child) / night after 2 people
  • Discounts 
    10% discount for bookings of 2 nights or longer

    12% discount for bookings of 3 nights or longer

    13% discount for bookings of 4 nights or longer

    15% discount for bookings of 5 nights or longer

    17% discount for bookings of 6 nights or longer

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100% Recommended


Fiona & Dean
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Central Coast NSW, Australia
Fiona & I (Dean) purchased our property that we now call Tumbi Hill Retreat in 2014. We fell in love with it even though there was plenty of work to do. The existing orchard area was totally bare and now contains over 60 different varieties of fruiting plants including indigenous varieties. Lantana and tobacco weed was overtaking the natural corridors on the property and this has been removed and endemic varieties planted. Over the years we have been reshaping the property to be both a wildlife sanctuary and a sustainable hobby farm with the creation of orchards and gardens. After becoming empty nesters we decided to share our property with guests with the goal to give people a unique, restful stay with the opportunity to get back to nature, and experience our hobby farm. Tumbi House launched in October 2021, Tumbi Tiny in May 2022 and Tumbi Orchard in September 2022. In the middle of Covid Dean decided to leave corporate life in food manufacturing to turn these dreams into our family business. We love to see others enjoy the beautiful nature on our property and we hope that you have a peaceful stay.
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Outdoor Equipment Provided

Enjoy the outdoors with the following equipment included in your stay.

Yoga mat (2)


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$225per night
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$225per night