Sweet Tooth Satisfied

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In absolute denial that summer is on its way out, we loaded the surfboards in the ute and headed down to Venus Bay. Once we got there, the vintage vibes, forecast for sunshine and the short drive to the beach promised all the right ingredients for a sweet weekend at the Sugar Shack....

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Where We Stayed


Sugar Shack

What can I say? It’s as if the host had taken all the things I could have imagined would make a perfect beach shack, and included them all in the one place. Being a chippy and a vintage enthusiast, I appreciated the way they put the place together. The retro caravan built in downstairs, the spiral staircase heading upstairs, the timber finishes, it was all too good to be true. And I could tell from the record collection that the owners and I would be mates. The huge Foodworks and smaller IGA both within a ten-minute drive provide you with plenty of options for groceries – and with the massive open kitchen the place offers, big breakies and late arvo BBQs are ideal. We loved soaking up the golden rays in the front yard with a beer and a burger....

Sugar Shack

in Venus Bay, VIC
per night
12 guests
Pet Friendly

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Things We Did

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No 4 Beach
Getting a new board, and getting Skye a wetsuit for her upcoming birthday, we were keen to get some decent minutes on the water this weekend. The wind picked up a bit too much on Saturday, so beach activities did the trick, but Sunday’s conditions provided the goods!...
Harman Wines
With a thirst that needed quenching, we headed to Harman Wines. Taste testing wines, wood-fired pizzas, and the scenic surrounds, the winery and vineyard was the ideal way to spend the arvo in the sunshine....
Rollie Nation
The Mira Frayed Cognac Boots were nice and sturdy for the long walks around the bay....

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