The Ultimate Bus Life Getaway

Green, vibrant nature with no one else in sight is exactly what greeted us when we pulled into the paddock that hosts the Coffee Camp Bus. We were FROTHING to settle in and brew a fresh batch of coffee, run a bath and start to unwind for a few days away from the daily hustle.

It was unreal. Jaimee and I both have a lot of van life experience so we felt an extra level of comfort in and around the bus. It was like we upgraded for a few days, especially with the huge bathtub out the back!

Enjoying time together away from work was our main plan for the weekend away. We took most mornings slow with a coffee in hand listening to the birds and wind in the trees, followed by playing various board games and reading different books the bus has around the place. To stretch our legs we ventured to some local waterfalls, and really enjoyed multiple restaurants in the area for dinner.

Our weekend away at the Coffee Camp Bus was the ultimate reset from a stressful few weeks. We felt incredibly rejuvenated and ready to tackle the daily hustle with four times the energy after our little getaway.

Things We Did

  • Waterfall
  • Food & Drink
  • Surf
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    Whian Whian Falls
    Really refreshing fresh-flowing pools to get your lid wet in, with multiple options for waterholes + falls depending on how far downstream you want to venture....
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      Eltham Hotel
      A beautifully preserved somewhat-antique hotel turned into an awesome local watering hole. We enjoyed an incredible lunch of burgers mixed with a few rounds of beer. Definitely a highlight of the area....
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        Surfing Lennox Head
        It's not a down south trip without stopping for a wave at the legendary Lennox Hill point break. Best surfed on a south westerly wind, this spot brings in some serious lines that just cry out to be carved on your board....

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