Bellingen Farm Shed

Excited to hit the road! My wife and I dropped our fur baby to the folks and jumped in the van to escape Sydney for a few nights. Bellingen was the perfect location, just over 5 hrs North of Sydney with a bunch of activities to do in and around town.  Nestled 10mins out of town, The farm Shed was an unreal little oasis of peace and quiet with the only sounds coming from the farm animals in the distance and the combustion of wood in the fireplace.

Susan was an awesome host showing us the ins and outs of the property.  We Feed the animals in the morning and picked fresh produce from the veggie garden for our dinner. No better way to get off the grid! We played card games and drank wine in front of the fire both nights, snacking on fresh fruit pulled from the garden earlier that afternoon. It was the perfect escape and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

Things We Did

  • Swim
  • Food & Drink
  • Waterfall
  • Farm
The Promised Land, Never Never Creek
Promised lands is a hidden gem found in the never never region within Belligen. It's a beautiful drive around the creek as you can stop and swim where ever you want. We set up camp for the afternoon with a few beers and bonfire next to a giant rope swing! Water was FRESH!...
Lunch at Dorrigo Wholefoods
Lunch in town! The best home made sausage rolls and pies.
Coffee was a treat as well after a hike down to the waterfall.
Icy Swim at Dangar Falls
Just a few minutes north of Dorrigo, sits a 30 metre waterfall just off the main road. Its a fun little walk down to the bottom and the swim is amazing as you can feel the raw power of nature right next to you!...
Veggie Garden on the Property
We picked all our ingredients from Susan's garden at the property for lunch and dinner. Her produce is amazing! I definitely recommend you try the Lemonade's!...

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