Solitude Amongst the Ranges

We had the pleasure of staying in the absolutely amazing glamping set up at the foothills of the Blue Mountains. Although, I definitely wouldn't say it was glamping...It was too nice for glamping!

So what is there to do? Heaps! What do you want to do? Nothing! It has the most beautiful serenity of solitude and peace. The property is on over 600 acres of land so it has so many opportunities for adventuring and hiking.

The property also offers horse riding tours all over the property, but due to my MASSIVE phobia of horses, I was unable to enjoy such an experience. I definitely made sure to go for a very short walk to have a look at the magnificent beasts and some geese along the way.

All you want to do is relax by the fire, explore your surroundings, read a book and drink wine. Much like we did!

Things We Did

  • Lookout
  • Scenic Drive
  • Walk
  • Climb
Classic Blue Mountain views
Driving from Sydney through the mountain regions you drive past some of the most classic and beautiful views. It would be a shame not to stop and see them on the way wouldn't it?...
The Drive In
The drive into the property itself is absolutely breathtaking! Driving along a ridge line until it deeps into the valley to the accomodation. So many perfect spots for sunsets, sunrises, picnics and hikes!...
Explore the Property
The Glamping is on a property with over 600 acres of land! The Glamping tent runs right along a little creek, which is beautiful to walk beside for kilometres on end....
Rock Climbing Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains is home to some of the best Rock Climbing in Australia that we had to take advantage of whilst in the area!...

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