Winding Down

At first sight of the Rockhouse, we didn’t entirely know what we had stumbled upon as it was well past sunset on our arrival. The silhouette of the loft roof against the night sky had us keen for what lay wait for us inside!

When we did make our way into the cabin, it quickly became apparent that we were going to enjoy our stay a lot. From the hand-built rock walls to the thatched roof, the entire cabin held a cosy and homely feel that made you want to rug up with a hot coffee, chill-out and relax (which we did on many occasions).

It was the right time of year for us with the weather being warm enough to make getting outside an absolute treat. Working alongside that was cool and crisp night air that gave us a great reason to light the wood fire in the cabin and use the heated indoor spa bath.

The long driveway that led us to the Rockhouse continued up the property and snaked its way up to a clearing with an incredible view of the valley below. Between the view and the incredibly friendly horse, the entire property was unreal!

After hiking through the property and checking out the local towns like Morpeth and Maitland, it’s easy to say we thoroughly enjoyed the trip and every relaxing moment it had to offer.

Things We Did

  • Walk
  • Hike
  • Food & Drink
  • Scenic Drive
Morpeth Township
Morpeth is a beautiful old town which was established as a steamer ship port in 1821 and has so much old fashioned charm to it. There's an abundance of quirky antique stores, cafes and restaurants which are all readily available and within a short walk of one another.
A walk down to the river's edge and the jetty alongside it is also worth a look!
Property Views
The hike to the top of the property is incredible and hosts an awesome view that looks out over the valley. We set out for a sunrise hike and made it to the top as the sun was coming up. With fog filling the valley and the warm hints of sunrise lighting the path for us, it was nothing short of unreal....
Breakfast at Common Grounds
We were looking for a spot for breakfast and we couldn't go past the Common Grounds in Morpeth! It had a great vibe and awesome staff who looked after us well and served great food and coffee. We'll definitely visit there again!...
Country Roads to Morpeth
The roads taken to get from The Rockhouse to Morpeth are incredible! Plenty of open countryside with the rolling hills spanning the horizon. The roads are best driven slowly and mindfully as they are narrow, and the view is amazing!...

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