Recalibrate yourself!

A beautiful off-grid tiny house, in the wilderness, next to a creek, with a hammock, with no reception and no wifi. Do I need to say anymore?!

The overall simplicity of a tiny house amongst this pristine location, completely disconnected from the world is honestly what we all need at some stage in our lives. This is by far one of the best experiences I have ever had in an accommodation. I will definitely be back!

Leave your phone and laptop at home. All you need: A good book, some good wine and some good company. Strap in for one of the most present experiences you can have.

Things We Did

  • Experience
  • Scenic Drive
  • Rock pool
  • Kayak
Do nothing! Experience the world of no reception
The property having no WIFI or reception, there purpose is for you to be able to completely switch off and just be present. Read one of these books, or take your own, or do nothing! Who cares, just be!...
Drive the Barrington Tops Forest Road
On the way out from the property you MUST drive out through the Barrington Tops Forest Road up in the mountain range. It creates for some stunning views, amazing drive and you might even see a wedge-tailed eagle or some wild bucks (like we did!)...
Swim in the waterholes
Being situated on the bank of the creek the property has some epic little swimming spots to go for a dip in some beautiful fresh water!...
Kayak out front?
If you are feeling like you've relaxed too much and you want to keep fit, grab the kayak right out front of the property and have a thrash around!...

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