Escape to Maldon

Driving into Maldon, I was instantly blown by how unique and hidden the little town was! An architects delight, all the buildings were kept in amazing condition since the gold rush period! Sunday House did not disappoint! Upon walking inside to hear the prepared crackling of the fire and the soft jazz, we knew we were in good hands!

The property had all these amazing little gems like a wood fire pizza oven, an old cubby house, basketball rings and an indoor pool table by the raging fire! The group were all coming to Maldon with the expectation to see, explore and feel fulfilled, and when Sunday rolled around, we all knew that we nailed the weekend.

Things We Did

  • Kayak
  • Farm
  • Sunset
  • Scenic Drive
  • Experience
Canoeing at Cairn Curran Reservoir
Amazing lake with little to no people around...
A local farming property
After chatting to a local in town he invited us to head down to his property and check out the ducks, horses, cows, ducks and sheep!...
Sunset at Rock of Ages Walking track
An amazing lookout which towers over the towns below. An absolute must if heading to Maldon!...
Old Dredge and dragline sitting in the water
Upon entering Maldon you are greeted by these two massive barges sitting dead in the water, all rusted. We checked them out and climbed to the top, worth a visit!...
Old Mining town
Passing the dredges you come across an old goldrush town, with all the original barn buildings and little saloon style shops...
Maldon old steam train station
The Maldon train station holds all the historical steam trains...

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