A Whistle Stop

Not even the crisp Southern Highland air could stop us from winding down the windows as we rolled into the paddocks of Redleaf Farm. We had the sudden urge to take in a few deep breaths; relieving us of any responsibilities we had up until the front gate.

As we pulled up to Carriage 343, we were taken back by its seclusion and peaceful outlook. The chances are; you'll arrive in the arvo, just like we did, as the sun dances low between the scribbly gums, the backdrop for our late-arvo bath.

We threw a log on the fire as we sat in the tub, admiring the dappled light sway over the accommodation; a historic train carriage with a luxury renovation.

Carriage 343 is an 1890's NSW Rail carriage. A converted guard and passenger carriage that was in use only up-until about 30 years ago. A meticulous renovation has ensured it's kept it's charm and nostalgia while bringing the luxe creature comforts together for a romantic stay.

Redleaf Farm has won numerous awards over the years for it's ethical and sustainable farming practices, which lays testament in the friendly, inquisitive nature of the pigs and Highland Cattle that roam the neighbouring paddocks.

The following morning, within the property's boundaries we enjoyed a leisurely canoe on the creek then drove down the road 15-20 minutes to be gobsmacked by the breathtaking Fitzroy Falls.

We meandered onto some of the local breweries and eateries that afternoon but with relaxation the end-goal inevitably all roads lead back to Carriage343. A place to find guaranteed peace, quiet and solitude.

Things We Did

  • Waterfall
  • Food & Drink
  • Kayak
  • Gear
Fitzroy Falls
Only a brief 15-minute drive from Carriage 343 is the breathtaking Fitzroy Falls. With several 4-5 hour walks surrounding the Falls themselves, you only need to stroll 200-300m from the carpark where you can be blown away by the 81m high waterfall - a perfect way to start or finish an enduring few hours on the trail.

Try avoiding long weekends as it can get quite busy.
A Coupla Brews & A Pie At Eden Brewry
This family-run brewery has a knack for brewing some of the finest 'handcrafted artisan beer' in the Southern Highlands. Jacob & Deb own and run this watering hole. This legendary couple will even encourage you to pop over the road to Gumnut Patisserie where you can pick-up a pie and bring it back to enjoy with your mouth-watering beer....
Canoe The Trickling Creek of Redleaf Farm
A short stroll from the carriage will bring you the shaded waters of Bundanoonan Creek. Flip a canoe and explore the short creek. You can even make a day of it and bring some food to cook on the BBQ or fireplace....
Organics of Moonacres Kitchen
What sort of tour of the Southern Highlands would it be without seeing The Big Potato? Then venture into the quaint town of Robertson where you'll find Moonacres Kitchen; dedicated to homegrown produce. A casual dining experience that is commonly referenced by many top chefs around the state....
Find Treasure In Grampa's Shed
A treasure-trove of knick-knacks. You'll spend a good hour in here wondering if you should purchase that rare Bob Dylan LP or that ornate silverware set for Mum. A good alternative for those cold, wet rainy days....

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